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Jae Prototypes

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I downloaded this for a while now and I just played it and dare I say that I love it so much! I really really love Giovanni and he reminds me of my person. It has a great story and each character has a good background!

How do you see their names?

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I finished the game last night and I thought of continuing to complete all the endings!! Although, I really enjoyed The Count's happy ending. I haven't tried Mr. Wolf yet but I'm going for him next! The games are actually fun, I thought the sliding game was hard but after a trial i figured the way on how to complete the game the fastest way and I actually got 5 points for it!! 
I thought that the last game will contain jumpscares!! It was so creepy -- especially when Mr. Mummy lost his head haha. I'll be playing the Valentines Otome next!

At first, I thought that this game would bore me as it isn't the typical VN that I read but THIS.IS.THE.BEST! I've just completed Guy's route but I cannot help myself to comment and just praise this VN. The visuals are all good, it did well on its theme and the story ooooh the writing! The story! It's beyond the best! It's simple is one of my favorite VN. I love how open the choices are, it truly expresses the MC/players thoughts -- some of the VN doesn't have that, it truly is the 'Lady's Choice' heh.  

Guy's route is the best (I'm saying this early I haven't played the other two route), it's the perfect story that I've been looking for. I find myself giggling and smiling when I read Guy's route. Mah heart, filled with love hahaha. Now, Guy is one my top Love Interest of all time in VN and choices games. Top 1, if I may add.

JUST. This VN. Simple the best!