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how do I start over? I want to play it again from scratch and i've tried deleting it and redownloading it, but it is not working. is it possible to play again?

where did you get the voice? its really funny :D

i got stuck at the start when you load in

it wont start

(Spoilers ahead if you plan on playing!! but long story short, you should definitely give it a go!)

This game is really great and always kept me wanting to see more! I also love the fourth wall breaking and it really felt like she was talking to me at the end. And the messing with the files and stuff is really cool too! I really love it and I'm excited to play more from you! 

It turned black after I out the tape in 

It wont let me play :(

I couldn't get in the house..???

this was absolutely outstanding!!! I love the style, it's very unique! we need more games like this!!