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Hehe ^^ You're welcome buddy.

And thanks for liking the game.

No bother at all! Besides, it's a little tricky so dont worry about asking.

So, first you need to make all the right choices. The order is:

- Block vertically.

- Block vertically.

- Block horizontally.

- Block vertically.

- Block vertically.

- Attack.

- Block vertically.

- Block vertically.

- Block horizontally.

- Dogde.

- Kick the sword!!! (Be quick about this one).

And there you have it, easy win against Eddy. 

NOTE: Depending if you trained with Rodrick on the sea or not, the "Stand on my feet" option will change. So I recomend you to train with him.

Thank you so much for such kind words buddy!

I'm really glad you liked the VN ^^

Hehehe thank you so much ^^

Thank you so much! Same to you man, hope youbhave a great year ^^

Thank you so much for reporting this. I'll look into it immediately.

Thank you so much!! ^^

Thank you! ❤️

That's fine! Any comments is welcome. 

Thank you for playing.

Thank you so much. Also, really glad you came back ;^3

Omg yes! That's the reason I created it in the first place. Because there are so many little details that I want to mention and I can't do that in Eglly's story line

Haha Well, I'm glad to see so many people thirsting over a bad guy XD

Wow really? What a nice coincidence.

Thank you for reminding me. I've been a little busy these past days and right now I have other things in mind.

Sorry for making you wait, give me a few days.

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Great, thank you! I'll be in contact ^^

Hi, I just translated this haha

if you want, please send me a private message on Discord or Twitter so we can talk it out.

Thabk you for this, Ill see what I can do ^^

Hiya. Yes that's was on purpose until I noticed that People can't actually read it due to the text color. I'll fix it right away, thank you

Indeed!Time flies...

Thank xou for xour comment! Cheers for more handsome wolves!!

Cheers for another year of HoA! Thanks a lot for reading man.

Muchas gracias por esas lindas amigo! Yo tambien hablo español, asi que no te preocupes jeje. Si quieres escribir un comentario en español yo lo voy a entender.

Me alegra mucho que te tomaras el tiempo de leer todo ese texto jaja

You're welcome buddy 

yeah. Since I redid part of the code, it'll throw error if you try to load your saved files. The only way to fix this is to start a new safe.

So sorry about this.

Even after starting a new Save File? Please let me know if that's the case.

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Well, a little bit of both. The routes aren't fully implemented yet, but there are some choices to gain love points already.

They're still in progress so I can't really answer.

There are 3 romantic routes. Their names are Ikalis, Almond and Rodrick ^

Thank you so much for your good wishes! I'm really glad you liked Ehlly ^^

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Hiya buddy. 

Well, Chapter one is 100% percent finished and it should take you around 2 or 3 hours to read the whole thing (Depends how much of a fast reader you are)

Hopefully you'll end up liking it ^^

Ehlly is 5"4 

Rodrick is 6"4

Almond is 5"11

Ikalis is 6"3

I'm glad you liked it! Welcome

I'm sure that more than one has noticed XD

As long as you promise to read it 030. Kidding kidding haha Take your time.

Hiya! I'm really sorry for the hold up! If all goes according to planned, patreon update should be out in a few days and the public update by the end of the month. Thank you all for your patience.

Thank you >///<

Thank you really for your comments! It means a lot you guys ^3^

Thank you so much for your critique. I'll take it all into consideration for following updates.

Buddy thanks a bunch for this feedback. Means a lot to me that you took your time to write all of this, and rest assured that I'll take it into consideration. ^^ 

Also yeah, sorry to dump so much Info on Ikalis' part of the story, but it's really important that all the readers know this, because there will be many political conflicts that need this much data to make sense.

No way! Did you actually cry? 😢🥺