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which level are you referring to? 
the one where the end teleports?
or one with moving parts?

This guy is asking for a lawsuit

Really simple and really good. It's got more than 20 mins of content, unlike most other clickers on itch right now.

Made by an 11-year-old gamedev beginner?!

Kid's going places. I'm 17 and couldn't make a game on Scratch LOL

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I wish there were directions on what to do. At least in the description tell us how to do things; Tell us what is and how to recruit players

Just save the game when you buy stuff... It's not hard. :/


This is awesome! Every game by Stepford is so good.

Magic Wand = Etheryllis + Stick

Stick = Log + Air

Etheryllis = Flower + Plasma
Flower = Planter + Water
Planter = Dirt + Clay
Dirt = Log + Rock
Clay = Sand + Water
Sand = Water + Rock

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Great boredom killer! 5/5 stars given! I can't wait for future updates.

but how

Holy crap! Nice job dude!

It's actually kinda difficult not gopnna lie

how much does the big one at the bottom give you?

the intro is the best part lma

i want to play, but it freezes too much and i have to restart. I can't even complete one quest :/

oh. okay.

What is the strongest weapon?

way too difficult. i havent been able to return one cart after about four tries.

How do I download

Thank you!

very difficult. Especially when you are fighting more than one at once.

I'm stuck.

i got $4200

this is the best thing ever!!!

Hey hey! I would be totally in love with game testing for you guys! Please consider it! I've been a game tester for almost a year and I've done it for multiple games. I do not require pay of any kind and putting me in the credits is completely optionalPlease, add me on discord if you would like to add me as a tester for upcoming games. It's: peep#3094


Extremely difficult to deal with the bat

Is there game audio

I reached the bottom. Extremely fun.

I will check it out! You should add me on discord, as I seem to be really good at giving feedback for games. I have done this for multiple games now and instead of giving feedback in the comments, I could message you on discord and I also wouldn't have to be so professional in my messages. 

My user is peep#3094 

Please put this into consideration. 


Whoever you may be, Thank you for joining my game jam!!

I now have discord! feel free to add me @ peep#3094

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am i just dumb or what with the clock?

I gave up on stage one because the holding LMB to turn made the game way too annoying to play.

How do you switch gears

What do the turtles do

Add a full screen please!

Not bad. :)