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way too difficult. i havent been able to return one cart after about four tries.

How do I download

Thank you!

very difficult. Especially when you are fighting more than one at once.

I'm stuck.

i got $4200

this is the best thing ever!!!

Hey hey! I would be totally in love with game testing for you guys! Please consider it! I've been a game tester for almost a year and I've done it for multiple games. I do not require pay of any kind and putting me in the credits is completely optionalPlease, add me on discord if you would like to add me as a tester for upcoming games. It's: peep#3094


Extremely difficult to deal with the bat

Is there game audio

I reached the bottom. Extremely fun.

I will check it out! You should add me on discord, as I seem to be really good at giving feedback for games. I have done this for multiple games now and instead of giving feedback in the comments, I could message you on discord and I also wouldn't have to be so professional in my messages. 

My user is peep#3094 

Please put this into consideration. 


Whoever you may be, Thank you for joining my game jam!!

I now have discord! feel free to add me @ peep#3094

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am i just dumb or what with the clock?

I gave up on stage one because the holding LMB to turn made the game way too annoying to play.

How do you switch gears

What do the turtles do

Add a full screen please!

Not bad. :)

my score was 684 on my first try.


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should definitely have music

I click Start New Game and nothing happen

For economic, entertainment, and popularity purposes.

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so I had a bunch of tabs open right... This game was next for me to play. I open up the game and there was this character that you play as and you have to dodge enemies and sprint attack to kill them. When I died, it brought me to the normal screen with the skulls. I have been going insane because I have absolutely no clue what it was. I could barely sleep last night. Please help me figure this out!!!

Great game btw.

Edit: I know it was something like "_____ Inc."

how do i go back to slashing lol

LMAO. So I'm hearing it was made just for shits and giggles?

f*ck off

Is there a way to pause the game? I lost immediately because I plugged in my headphones and took a piss...

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In that case, You can play basketball with a basketball. You can bounce it. Toss it around and even get it stuck on the roof. 

I don't wanna seem like a hater. I'm just confused at why anyone would spend time on something like this. I just wanna know why?

It doesn't start. I pushed the arrow keys and nothing happens...

No. Basketball has an objective, there is more rules, and even has a win-lose system. These games don't.

OH! That makes sense. Gave it 5 stars, because I played for hours and enjoyed every second of it!

What is the ghost dad thing with the floating skulls?????

Quick question. What's the point of the games posted on this account? There isn't an objective and there's almost no gameplay. Why?


Definitely!!! It would be so cool if there was a multiplayer setting, so we could play with other people instead of bots. Different maps that can be played on instead of the one that's only there would be great too. I think that the following features would make your game extraordinary!

  • Choice of number of bots
  • Difficulty                                       (Which difficulty is played in that game)
  • Color                                                (What color you play as)
  • Map                                                  (Which map will be played)
  • Start Crabs                                   (Starting number of crabs)
  • Sandbox                                         (Add a sandbox mode)
  • Upgrades                                       (More Upgrades)
  • Graphics                                         (How high the graphics quality is)
  • Visual Effects                              (More visual changes/effects)

I would be absolutely HONERED to be a game tester and bug/problem/glitch finder for these changes.