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Okay. So, about that question, that was me being a straight-up idiot at that time, and now I instantly have those cringe memories that I regret doing back then.

Don't beg the creator. He just finished his only task that he though was worth it.

Wonderful! Just Wonderful! *clapping*

Is this the "Luke's Perfect House of Baldi Dies Screenshots" remake?

In my opinion, the edited screenshots were just not fitting the style of TBM452's edited screenshots. Besides, I had this thing up in years, and I didn't want this to be a forgotten mod.

- Jaden

You're finally Back! :O

Where's the Download?

So, I heard that you got hacked on Discord

Here's something I made

See what I mean? This was 4 months ago!

... ...I have no words for this.....

I have YouTube and Twitter

Thank You for Playing!

Sorry, too lazy

You're Back! :D

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I discounted it because of Bevel Abuse

Another thing, I beat the game!

This is the Best Baldi's Basics mod to see, Not gonna lie

Been a while, Hasn't it?

How Stupid of Me...

Where's the last notebook when you get the other notebooks?

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So, what got changed for the update?

I already knew that too

Sorry for the Delay of the Update

This mod may have to get a redo

Not Bad for a port, but only one thing, You didn't pay attention to the cropping of the sprites

That's pretty good!

You made a new mod! Nice!