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I Actually Enjoyed This Goofy Ah Horror Game 

Nearly Had A Heart Attack From The Jumpscares 😭

This Game Genuinely Made Me Terrified 

never going to offbrand mcdonalds again 

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dude i yelled so hard playing this game, only got the bad ending tho 

So Thats Why Its Called Death Trips.. 

Craziest Horror Game I've Played 

i wa

i was NOT expecting the game to say my name, its a fun short indie horror game worth playing

even better

Cleaning Houses at 3am Gone Wrong

The jumpscares caught me off guard, haven't screamed at a horror game like that in a bit, 

Tip: Do not play this at 2 in the morning  

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 The game has a crazy ending i was not expecting, really enjoyed playing through it, cant wait to see what other games the developer will make 

Okay the jumpscare did get me, but i enjoyed the game 

The Buff chicken got me smh 

Had a Lot of fun with this game, might go back and play it again later :)

Its a Really Good Game, Jumpscares got me Good too

The Part Where You Have To Crawl Got Me All CLenched Up bruh, Never Getting On A Slide Again

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The Jumpscare Got Me Good, BUT WHY WAS HE NAKED??

Yooo This Update Was Crazy, I Really Enjoyed The game Though

Really good game, Enjoyed playin through it 

had fun with this game, scared me a bit at the end