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Hello. I'm sorry if the controls aren't explained or designed very intuitively.

Left click to select a present. Right click to move a present.

Guide all of the presents to the tree, and then finish the level by  pressing the button that appears after guiding the Ghost Present to the tree. 

Hello Chairish Games. Thank you for the important feedback on our wall and archway art, and our chosen color palette!

As for now, there is no end game. There were plans for a different boss on each floor. If you can find the empty cave area, that's where the level's boss would've spawned (it spawns every time regardless of map shape). 

There was also a plan for the player to be able to buy upgrades and abilities from a shopkeeper on each level.

Let me know if you think these ideas sound like an improvement!

Impressive shading and animation.

Keep up the good work!

Hi Emeraldish! We appreciate your feedback on the control scheme. The current setup allows acceleration with the 'W' key up to 1.5x the normal movement speed, and the deceleration with 'S'  to 0.5x the normal movement speed. Your input is valuable to us, and the team will take it to heart in future developments. Thank you!

Here's an idea. What about different vegetables giving different data. Corn for "bomb in diagonal adjacency", or squash for "surrounded by at least 4 bombs", etc? Could be cool!

Not bad. A very simple game. Almost a bit like minesweeper, but without information gathering it ends up becoming a random guessing game.