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jad kheirallah

A member registered 187 days ago

Recent community posts

hi i know the game was taken down but if you would ever want to translate the game to arabic i the future i would be more than happy to help

by the way do you have any idea when you can get the game running again im interested to see what you will make it to since you have to change it now

i found out something cool some how with a camp fire you can make your wooden sword burn stuff every time you attack :O i wish i could record this i don't know how i got that to happen

okay so if you equip the sword and go to the place where the hammer is if you keep attacking while moving the block to get the hammer the hammer disappears as if you picked it up but it doesn't appear in your inventory (don't ask me how i found that out :P)

wow played for 27 minutes and its amazing great job can't wait for the next updates by the way is there a place to report bugs because i found one :v