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This one had me stumped longer than any other game I've played in this jam. I'm impressed. After I won, I went back and got myself trapped on an island with no way off. How Myst-esque! Anyway, this was a clever and intricate puzzle, and a real head scratcher. Nice work!

I haven't played all of them yet, but I'm pretty sure this is my favorite entry in the jam. The puzzles were strong, the production values were through the roof, and - most of all - this one just felt like Myst. You managed to trigger some serious Riven nostalgia. Phenomenal work!

I really liked this concept! You nailed the presentation, and the music for the seasons was superb. The puzzle was clever, too - though I felt like it was a little too open to being solved "the wrong way." Fall is solid, but I've beaten Winter like six different ways now, and I'm still not sure I've ever done what you actually intended. Nonetheless, this game really is something special, and one of my favorites from this jam. Great work!

This was an enjoyable puzzle, though it proved difficult for me to solve. I grasped the concept quickly enough, but I had a lot of trouble picking the right constellations. I don't know if I was meant to jump on top of the trees (I would assume not), but I'm glad I could - the bird's-eye view was indispensable for me. It took me longer to beat than it should have, probably, but that just made victory taste sweeter.

I liked this one! It was a good length - not short, but still beatable in a single sitting. That ending was subtle, though; it took me a minute to realize I had won. A clever ending for a clever game. Nice work!