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Wow, this game caught me off guard! Egghead Gumpty slowly broke me the further I played lol. The level design is super creepy feeling also! Can’t wait to see more updates with this story and game! Keep it up! 

Really enjoyed this 10 minute experience! I kinda came to my own conclusion of the meaning after playing it. Really well done! 

This was a really interesting short game. Really makes you feel alone with no help. Great work keep it up! 

I loved the concept, and how the level felt. Keep up the great work! 

I just want to say, this was so well written. I honestly hope you continue to make more stories, the detail and immersion of conversations matters so much. Probably one of my favorite games of 2022. Keep up the great work! 

A nice short game, that felt surreal in some ways. Great work! Keep it up!

This game is amazing! The combo system is great, and lets you experiment with different sequences. Nothing better than brawling it out with coworkers! Keep up the great work! 

I really enjoyed this point and click experience! Hopefully there will be a part 2 someday, because this was really well made. Loved the artwork! Keep up the great work!

This game was such a joy to play! The concept is hilarious, and super creative! If you ever decide to add more levels, I would definitely play them! Keep up the great work! 

I really enjoyed the time management aspect of this game! The story was great, and the voice acting was really well done! Also the artwork is gorgeous! Keep up the great work!

I really want to find that door… so many doors to choose though. Great work! Really enjoyed this and plan on making a second video. The museum was very nice lol.

Nothing better than learning with Amanda! I remember this show when it was on TV. Good times! In all seriousness though, great concept! I might have to go back and play it again for the other endings! 

Really enjoyed this game! I got so much back on my taxes! 

This demo was amazing to play! The concept of it is really unique, and I found myself laughing and yelling at the same time. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for the full game release! 

This game is amazing! I could play this for hours, and could see this being a mobile game also. Keep up the great work! Down the pizza rabbit hole we go!

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I would like to say first this game was well worth more than the price says. I had so much fun playing this, and really enjoyed the pacing. My favorite aspect had to be the level designs and scale! They were really surprising and really made the game feel open. Keep up the great work!

This game made me scream more than expected lol. Definitely worth a play by anyone considering it! Great work keep it up! I’d love to see this concept built on for an even bigger experience! 

The use of uncanny feelings and perception worked very well! Recommend this gem to anyone looking for a quick scare! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more content!

I love macabre games, and this was worth the experience. I saw the possibility of multiple endings, so I might have to go back through and play it again. Great work! Keep it up! 

Loved the level design, and  the tension was great the whole way through. Keep it up! I look forward to the other 3 parts!

Really enjoyed chapter 2! This one was a lot more in depth as far as exploration and just as creepy if not more! Keep it up Rayll! 

This was the second game I’ve played by Emika and wow, what an experience it was! Really enjoyed the story and characters! Look forward to more in the future! Great work!

I honestly enjoyed it! Very cool experience! Should I email you for any feedback?

Really enjoyed this! I played for over an hour and can really tell how much hard work has went into this! Keep up the great work! I look forward to future updates for sure! 

You can tell a lot of hard work and love went into this game! With that being said, this was one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever played! Thank you for making this game and keep up the hard work! Spring 2022 can’t come soon enough! Adding to my wishlist! 

This game was hilariously fun! I know this was just for a game jam, but if y’all every decide to create more levels I will be there to play them lol. I also will say the 3rd level gave me so much challenge, that the final kiss meant everything once achieved! Keep it up! I look forward to more games by y’all! 

This was a wild experience of a game, that I really enjoyed! I love the aspect of less is more, and how abstract in ways this game is. Great work! Keep it up! I look forward to more games by you in the future!

I always enjoy the games y’all create! This and Search Party are hands down top 5 games for me that I’ve played this year! The story was perfect and all of the scares were so unique! Keep it up Torture Star! 

This was such a unique experience! I felt so uneasy the more it progressed, and definitely felt unsafe lol. I recommend anyone thinking about playing it to check it out! Great work Jonny’s Games!

Really enjoyed the gameplay but could only get ending 2/3 at the moment. Very creepy experience!

I really enjoyed the feel of this game! I hope you get to add on to what you have built someday, because the ominous feeling you captured works. I will also say the jump scares in this we’re creative and unexpected!

really enjoyed this experience! I saw somewhere there are multiple endings so I might have to go back and play this again. Would love to see a part 2 or a continuation of the story. Great work! 

had so much fun playing this! Loved the feeling of performing tasks but also feeling uneasy. I am definitely going to play through this for the other endings. Great work! 

really enjoyed the graphics and sounds of this game! You should be proud of what you have made! I loved the different endings also 

This was a super fun game! i loved the dialogue and artwork so much! i know you just released this one, but if you ever make a part 2, that would be amazing! keep up the awesome work Papeero!

this game was such a unique experience. I loved the feel of control but also being out of control at the same time. The ending of this game is worth it for anyone who is considering playing! Great job on this, for real! 

Y'all made me scream like never before lol. I hope you revisit this and add on to it because the tension throughout is amazing! The music and the plucking of the strings, added with the sounds of wind was *chef's kiss*! Really had fun playing this!