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Hey!  I just played through this and I can honestly say it's one of the best horror games I've found on this site so far!  It is a bit rough around the edges though, and here are some bugs I noticed:

 - When you pause and select controls, the controller picture never leaves the screen, even after I unpaused.  I had to reload the game.

 - There's a couple of the notes that had missing words (typos), so maybe double check those.

 - When I lost and got caught by the old lady I wasn't able to select reload with my controller.  I had to force quit the game and reload.

For the most part, it seems much more polished than other games and I had a good time playing it!  I recorded myself playing, but I haven't finished editing the video yet.  I'll post on here when I do!  (Unless this gets updated by the time I post the video, haha).

I'd be very happy if you keep updating this!  It has some great potential already!  Thanks for the awesome game!

P.S. I would also love the option to adjust sensitivity (I played with a controller).  It felt a bit high for me (but it's better to have it too high than too low :) so maybe it's not a big deal).