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Well done on one of the most terrifying games I have playing in a VERY long time. I really loved the usage of the scares, the psychological aspects were great, and whatever you do, don't press "L".

I came across this little project while browsing through the retro jam and loved the way you envisioned this game in the style of the SNES! The axe mechanic was fantastic!

Absolutely loved this little experience that you made! As a big SCP fan, loved the nods to the world and the creatures you placed into this was fantastic. Excited to see what you do with this!

The only thing I can hope for is that this game will turn into a full project because I could play 1000 different levels of this. Well done for making me smile, laugh, and feel like I'm some kinda John Wick.

Great little experience. The scares managed to get me multiple times, loved the atmosphere, and although I didn't understand the ending at first, I think I finally got it after watching it back!

It's annual tradition at this point to either play this game or watch a playthrough. Thank you for making such a CLASSIC.

This game saved my life more times than I can count. Why are you reading these comments?? GO PLAY THIS MASTERPIECE!

I love love LOVED this project. So much fun and it legitimately scared me at a few points. 11/10 you all should 100% play this game!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game and the whole art style. Definitely going to keep up with this project seeing as it is a beta at this point!

Jumpscares Jumpscares JUMPSCARES! I absolutely LOVED this initial look at The Hills Have Prey. The areas continued to progress in a way that kept it fresh and the survival elements really helped with the overall flow of the game. Not many horror games on Itch have shooting mechanics so I appreciated this overall!

The Shining is one of my favorite horror movies so when I saw this game pop up I had to play it!! So much nostalgia in the references, the atmosphere, and each little piece that happened throughout.

Thank you for crafting such a great horror experience. Walking through the house each day brought about such a great sense of dread and fear and it kept me guessing each step of the way!

An incredible little experience packed into such a short timeframe! Check out the last 5 minutes of the 2 scary games to see my experience on this one overall :)

This was such a fun experience and MAN those jumpscares got me so good!! Haha, 100% recommend you download this RIGHT NOW.

So... I forgot to post again... but I finally got the TRUE ENDING :)

Love love loved this demo experience! So many creepy moments, and honestly, I loved the sound design within this game. Well done and can’t wait for the full game!

Really loved the whole atmosphere of this game! Great amounts of dread, and a cool little story!

I had a blast playing through this little experience. Great moments with the “scare” and had a blast overall! Definitely need to check out some of your other games!

Absolutely loved each little aspect of the new game! Had so much fun playing through it and trying to figure out the different endings. The last one definitely got me soooo badly 😂

NO FREAKING WAY!! 😂 I no joke cut out like 30 minutes of backtracking because I was looking for so long. Haha

no problem!! And I think they fell off a little earlier today. Not sure if that was you, but thanks if it was! Really loved this little project :)

I loved the amount of work that went into this indie horror game. It’s not often that you find a great looking horror FPS on Itch, and I’m so glad I ran into this on my page! One thing though... I TRIED FOR AN HOUR AND COULD NOT FIND THE RED LIQUID 😂😭

Absolutely LOVED this whole experience, the environment, art style, and Bioshock vibes. A warning for people on YT; some of the music will get flagged for copy-rite use, so be aware :)

I tried... I REALLY TRIED to get that secret ending. Still had a blast though 😂

11/10 would definitely recommend! Play this game if you want to be spooked, laugh, and maybe cry a little bit at all the nostalgia. ❤️

I seriously can’t wait to see what you do with this game. I don’t think I’ve played a game that made me smile and laugh this much in a long time. So much creativity to it all and the whacky levels are incredible! 😂 But thank you for the tip on the map indicator. Definitely wasn’t sure about that overall. :)

After playing this game nearly a month ago, I was excited to jump back in. Literally everyone who watched the first video LOVED IT! Apparently I missed a ton, and now that there’s new dev updates, I had to find out more. That being said, I was not disappointed!

Absolutely loved this whole experience! Such a great atmosphere and the intrigue of the island just kept pulling me. Very well done! :)

Of course! Thanks for making an awesome little game :)

I love how unsettling this game was from start to finish. Really got me towards the end and I hope you continue to make some more cool games like this!

Loved this little experience. Glad I found it while browsing through some of the new games on here :)

Absolutely loved the direction that this game took. Incredible atmosphere and the overall storyline was great. :)

Really loved the whole atmosphere and especially the sound design of this game. Definitely made me jump on a couple occasions! haha

I loved the overall atmosphere of this game and the mystery to solve was really quite cool, challenging, and was so cool to finally get down! Great work on this one!

Of course! Honestly, I love purely because I get to see games like this that are so unique from amazing developers :) And yes, definitely know that restaurant life struggle! Haha

Absolutely loved this experience overall! Had just the right amounts of creepiness, and MY GOODNESS, don't want to spoil anything but that was such a cool aspect towards the end.

And part 2 is complete! Can not wait to see what you all do with the finished project for this game. I was so sad when I got to the “end” of the game!

Absolutely love Fishing Vacation and I’m so glad you let me know about this game in my comments on YouTube!! Had such a blast with this first part and loved the atmosphere of the whole museum! Please keep it going!! :)

I was not expecting the amount of emotional reaction this game would generate and it really got me in the end. This is why I play indie games and video games in general. This was a special experience and I encourage everyone check this out.

It’s so awesome that you watched the vid! Honestly, I always have little thoughts here and there throughout the video, but overall I really enjoyed the experience! :) Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to see what you continue to develop!