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Never thought I would be the guy asking this, but anyone else having troubles getting the game to run after extracting the zip? I've attempted running as admin as well as completely deleting and re-downloading/unzipping the files to no luck. For the dev; currently running the most up-to-date Windows 11 Home.

Really loved the challenge of this puzzler. Awesome design and the use of black and white for the jam was done very well! Prepare to sit down for about an hour to explore, delve deep, and figure out the unique mechanic that this game brings!

Had a blast playing through this and loved the complex story throughout! I may be a little biased with this one due to the special character, but honestly loved playing through this!

Would love to check this out but currently having troubles figuring out how to maximize the screen. Any options in the future to allow a fullscreen mode? Currently using a 4k monitor and any options to make apps bigger is still quite small to be able to navigate through the game.

Not going to lie, I had way to much making the thumbnail for the vid on this game, but I really loved the creepy atmosphere of this game! Excited to see how you might expand this further, and loved "created by" screen ;)

I was surprised at how the unique mechanic that you added fit into the general aesthetic of the Backrooms! Fun experience, screamed a little, def would recommend!

I completely forgot to post my comment, but made a couple vids on the game over the past few weeks! Really love this take on the Mandela Catalog and would love to see this idea fleshed out even more! Here's a vid of my playthrough:

10/10 Game, wish I could have a dance-off with Snape everyday.

John Szymanski and the DreadXP team do NOT disappoint. Don't even hesitate getting this demo and 10000% go wishlist this immediately on Steam. This is going to be a special one. And if anyone would care to watch my playthrough, I made a vid on the game here below!

Not going to lie, this was a bit of a strange one, but still had fun with it overall! Made a little vid of it on my YouTube for anyone that would like to watch or if you'd like to hear any feedback!

What an incredibly atmospheric and terrifying world you've created with August Night! I forgot to post my comment/vid, but I am very impressed with this being your first project released, and the UE5 graphics were top notch! Can't wait to see what you release in the future!

Forgot to comment after playing, but The Smiling Man brought out such a deep fear and legit scream out of me that I haven't had in a long time. Still a bit confused on the security tape and if that was supposed to be a fourth ending, but loved this nonetheless!

I played Feedvid Live first and then jumped into this one next, I love to almost "parody" on these social sites and how you turned it into a great horror experience! Keep it up, and feel free to check out the vid I made on this :)

Really enjoyed this whole experience as well as the first Feedvid! An absolute treat in a sea of "familiar" horror, this really sucked me into the whole world that I was in. Keep up the awesome work and hope to see more "feedvid" games in the future!

Fantastic work on this de-make!! Just finished a 1.5 hour initial playthrough of this and had such a blast so far! One quick note (and it may be fixed in this patch already) but during my Cleric Beast fight, he completely disappeared and I become locked in the battle arena with his health meter and no one to fight and no where to go! Easy enough to load the last save, but just thought this could be a helpful report in case no one else has mentioned.

A wonderful follow-up to the first episode in the Fears to Fathom series so far. What really brings these games together is the pure terror of the real-life situations and stories told within the narrative here. Been excited since Ep 1, loved Ep2, and can't wait for Ep 3 to release in the future!

An absolute fever dream from start to finish. So glad I saw a little snippet of this game over on your Twitter a week or so back and had a great time exploring the world of Baby.

Very excited to see you made a follow-up to the first game! Had a real blast trying to find all of the endings and loved all the strange and funny moments. Although the version I played didn't have the Forster City hat, someone from the community sent me a screenshot with it and it was awesome to see :)

During my playthrough commentary, I made a few comments like, "I hope the dev doesn't reveal the scare right away" and other little things I was hoping for and oh MAN did you hit on all the right points to make this a splendid and terrifying experience. I was truly panicking in the final portions and really hope to see more quality games like this out of you soon! Made a YouTube vid (second game) and also put quite a few clips on TikTok that nearly 1 million people have seen so far! Congrats on the wonderful game!

This really feels like an official follow-up to the "Observation Duty" games and could very well be I'm on Observation Duty 4! I recently got into the whole OG series and was pleasantly surprised to see this pop up on my feed here on Itch! Great work, and hope to see more projects from you in the future!

I really loved your game Kyle!! The PSX style, the unsettling atmosphere, all of it was very well done for this short project. Hope you continue to make more games in the future and continue your journey! On top of my YouTube, I post clips on TikTok as well, and nearly 4 million people have already seen your game! Congrats on the game!

Well done on one of the most terrifying games I have playing in a VERY long time. I really loved the usage of the scares, the psychological aspects were great, and whatever you do, don't press "L".

I came across this little project while browsing through the retro jam and loved the way you envisioned this game in the style of the SNES! The axe mechanic was fantastic!

Absolutely loved this little experience that you made! As a big SCP fan, loved the nods to the world and the creatures you placed into this was fantastic. Excited to see what you do with this!

The only thing I can hope for is that this game will turn into a full project because I could play 1000 different levels of this. Well done for making me smile, laugh, and feel like I'm some kinda John Wick.

Great little experience. The scares managed to get me multiple times, loved the atmosphere, and although I didn't understand the ending at first, I think I finally got it after watching it back!

It's annual tradition at this point to either play this game or watch a playthrough. Thank you for making such a CLASSIC.

This game saved my life more times than I can count. Why are you reading these comments?? GO PLAY THIS MASTERPIECE!

I love love LOVED this project. So much fun and it legitimately scared me at a few points. 11/10 you all should 100% play this game!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game and the whole art style. Definitely going to keep up with this project seeing as it is a beta at this point!

Jumpscares Jumpscares JUMPSCARES! I absolutely LOVED this initial look at The Hills Have Prey. The areas continued to progress in a way that kept it fresh and the survival elements really helped with the overall flow of the game. Not many horror games on Itch have shooting mechanics so I appreciated this overall!

The Shining is one of my favorite horror movies so when I saw this game pop up I had to play it!! So much nostalgia in the references, the atmosphere, and each little piece that happened throughout.

Thank you for crafting such a great horror experience. Walking through the house each day brought about such a great sense of dread and fear and it kept me guessing each step of the way!

An incredible little experience packed into such a short timeframe! Check out the last 5 minutes of the 2 scary games to see my experience on this one overall :)

This was such a fun experience and MAN those jumpscares got me so good!! Haha, 100% recommend you download this RIGHT NOW.

So... I forgot to post again... but I finally got the TRUE ENDING :)

Love love loved this demo experience! So many creepy moments, and honestly, I loved the sound design within this game. Well done and can’t wait for the full game!

Really loved the whole atmosphere of this game! Great amounts of dread, and a cool little story!

I had a blast playing through this little experience. Great moments with the “scare” and had a blast overall! Definitely need to check out some of your other games!

Absolutely loved each little aspect of the new game! Had so much fun playing through it and trying to figure out the different endings. The last one definitely got me soooo badly 😂