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I wasn't trying for good stats...
Thank you for the fun game!

The real challenge is seeing if you can build an 8.

I had a lot of fun and have it bookmarked for later. Thanks for making it!

This is a great little game. A lot of fun in a small amount of time. Being able to move around is cool, though I wish the enemy tanks would also move sometimes. The variety of fun weapons is also a great addition. The airstrike is a suboptimal strategy, but damn does it feel good!

(b'-')b                            <3

Ahoy Xyncht!

Your companions don't have AI for using Potions, Wands, or any other consumable items. This was done so that you, the player, could make strategic choices about when to use healing or tactical items (without your goblins drinking all your healing potions). Of the three wand types, only one is an attack wand - but it does make sense for goblins to use it for attacking. I'll see if I can include that in the next version of the game. Also, wands were added with the last update, and their balance is a little off. (they're everywhere!)

Goblin teams are best when balanced between ranged and melee, and I've thought about making sure the game always gives you a balanced party. I've decided not to because part of making a good Rogue-like is making each play different. Hopefully you'll find something equally challenging in each play-through.  If it's less "challenging" and more "frustrating", let me know; I always work feedback into my updates.

If the save feature doesn't work, please let me know your Operating System, Browser, and Browser Version, and I'll make it work on your system.

There's a lot of variance in game times. Most new players will die very quickly, within maybe 2min. Some difficult play-throughs can last multiple sessions, as you've encountered. I'll update the description to communicate this variance.

Thanks for your feedback, and for trying out the game! I hope that Taikal and companions make it to the end of the game. I have some challenges waiting for them, but I always want to see my goblin succeed :D

Really solid!

I just wish there were a difficulty curve, either as a setting or as levels or whatever. Back when you first posted it I was unable to place at all. After playing it a bunch, finally I was able to place in first - but there was no gradual working up from 8th to 4th to 2nd to 1st. If think an easy mode could have less severe curves and no cars, and then you could increase those elements for higher difficulties.

Keep up the good work!