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One of my favorite features of the game is being able to build picnic tables on water in the middle of a lake or building a workbench embedded halfway in a mountain while remaining functional. Along the lines of this, when you build something on tiles occupied by trees, weeds, or other things like that they don't get removed and the structure (in this case a simple workbench) was just built on top of them. I also couldn't find a way to remove the farm land tiles after I removed the farm area and it let me build roads under them. It also soft-locked in the first tutorial level. The final remaining objective was to recruit the castaways but when I did, the objective didn't go away and I couldn't progress any further. I'll try reloading but it was a while since I had saved. There was also a thing with the castaways' requirements where it said I had 9 buckets of water stored in stockpiles but the castaways' flag said I only had 4 to 6 (it was like that for a while). Another bug I encountered but didn't affect gameplay was sometimes when I clicked on the farm area it had the game data name for the farmland tile (I don't remember what exactly it was because I'm writing this 30 minutes after I stopped playing for tonight).

Can you open "boxes"? I would think they would be a storage kind of thing but I can't figure out how to open them if they are. Or are they just a kind of block for building with? It would be really nice to have a way to store items instead of just throwing them all over the ground or in a pit made out of walls and a door. Also a suggestion: add a way to vertically transport items and maybe a hopper.

I started this game and got pretty far and loved it. Then I had to quit for a while cuz my computer got really hot. I went back to play and there was no save and I cried. PLEASE add a save feature. Oh your computer is about to catch fire from overheating, it is 1:00 am, and you got really far? Don't care, restart tomorrow.

This is for not having a save feature