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excelente character! lo compraré ahora mismo!!

I want to know if you could make a main character that looks like this but a little more detailed like the cat knight and with the animations of the hero knight, I'm working on a game and you design my characters! I still have to buy you some more haha, please let me know if you could work on that, I am willing to buy it at once! I really like your job

I really liked this one too! I bought it and I will add it to my game! I would like to have someone close with your talent and creativity !!!

I loved this one! I will buy it immediately you have my support!

Eres el mejor! Veo tu trabajo y me dan deseos de comprarlo todo! Aunque eso pienso cuando me paguen! Necesito esos personajes!

I bought your package, I loved it

WooW! i will buy this! man! you are AWESOME! thanks!