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it's a good game, tbh I was expecting nudity but eh I still like it and hope you keep making good games and hope you keep being good I'm sure your a nice person and I wonder what game you guys will make next if you are going to make anymore

thanks but some part's of the game still kinda no work like the bye button at the store and the next part where you have to fight weird girl #1 and #2 it just froze when the Oppaimon died, so yeah...

and now I just see this when I get on it

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none of those I'm using I downloaded and now I have it on my PC so I open it on my computer and I go here and it no work I'll even get pic

oh I got and got it on there and I reinstalled it and it did the same thing

soo, I can't start it... idk why but it just show's a white screen I was in it for an hour and nothing...

Thanks :D

Elf Jail community · Created a new topic pls help

please help meh idk what to do I did the lust and that worked but now I have to get past the gaurd.. and idk how to...

it's an ok game but I do wish I could by the Oppaiballs so I can get more Oppaimon anyways hope the new update comes out, also love what you did with the game so keep up the great work!!!

how do I get outside?

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for the love of god this was scary!! I mean great job for it but...was David Baldi!? also the most scariest (I think) are Arthur and his mother anyways here's my part 1

getting spooky out of all it was a fun game I liked it also was you the guy in the tub or the guy in the mask?

I only got to level 3...this is scary as f___ good job...and to be honest I never really liked Arhtur but this is Nightmare so good job bro...I'ma go cry now (but for real make it a bit easier if you can please and thanks)

I want to play this SO badly...but it so f**king scary...don't judge I just get scared and this is like a good game!

alright thanks if I reply again it didn't work but that's if I do

I've played this and I can't find the last girl I've gotten all girls on left and and three on right the last girl is the bottom right on the right side if anybody knows how to get her please tell me

OMG thanks so much I got to gaurd didn't beat him but it's better now thanks again was...really good like amazing good btw I placed my name (Jackson) and the c was chubby and I was like "how did it know?" but for real it's amazing best game I've played and it had a great story!

so I can't get it to start can anybody help? please I wanna play this cute looking game

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I don't know how to play plz help

I tried the game and I saw that ending  and the game closed kinda strang but I think there is meaning to the game?