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You can already switch genders.

Next update will be the Combat update. In general, we want to improve and add variety to the entire game :


Honestly, I have no clue. People have lots of theories but no solid proof of what happened to them.  I imagine their poor coding practices, lack of direction, and the "feature creep" is what ultimately ended the project. That's just my theory though.

Hey BlueFrogKing!

Yes, we do plan to do things differently from the original. We plan to rework all the dialogue, systems, and gameplay to make the game feel more "modern". We're also adding features and systems to the game that the original didn't have like a mission screen and tutorials. We would love to hear what you disliked about the original game.

I don't believe so. I think it's due to the rating.

Hey Milky Milks!

We will increase the price of the game once it is out of early access. However, we will likely participate in a sale on Steam before we're out of Early Access.

Hey LordOfDumb!

Once we reach the point of the original we will continue on and do our own thing. We will make this a complete game

This one is only a demo. It will not contain all of the story or have cheats.

Thanks for the bug report! We're looking into it


If you want an update on the progress of the game you can check out our Patreon, Subscribe Star, or Steam for the latest news. It's free.

Yes, you can in the slums. Or you can peek in on your workers in the brothel to watch. We're still adding positions and climax scenes though

We're hoping to add her in the Events/Gameplay Update. Right now, Patreon and SubscribeStar Supporters get to vote on which update we work on. So, I can't give a solid answer as to when she'll be added.

Thank you! We're glad you've enjoyed it so far.

not yet

Yes. When it comes to the gym (or any other facility we may add), we plan to make it automated. It's too much of a chore to do it manually and as we add more locations like a spa or library it would become an even bigger chore.

We plan to add a female MC in upcoming updates. It is up to supporters which update we do next.

fem protag may be in the next update. It depends on how supporters vote on the next update poll

Greetings Fendhor!

Some people have reported this issue. It seems it's due to certain Mac versions.  I'm told that if you unzip the file and move the extracted app to a different folder it starts to work.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, we don't have a way to distribute the Android updates through Steam. We do plan to also make the game available here on for those that can't get the game on Steam and those that use Android. 

The version won't be available for a few updates to minimize people complaining about the lack of content.

No worries! Your English is good. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you!


We do plan to add Steam achievements in the future. Right now we are focused on the main mechanics of the game. As for collectible cards, I'm not sure if Steam allows adult games to have collectable  cards (I need to look into that.)

Right now we are working on save synchronization. We hope to have that done before the launch.

The game will be Early Access which means it won't be complete. We still have a ton of work to do, but this gives people the chance to support us without a subscription. The Early Access version will receive regular free updates until the game is complete.

Also, the Early Access Steam version will have a launch discount of 15% for a week which will make it about $11 instead of $13.

The game will be released on Steam in early access on July,14,2023.

We're sorry to hear that you feel that way.

All of our tiers give subscribers access to recent builds one week early, discord benefits, and access to the in-game cheat menu. Aside from our $3 tier, the rest of the tiers also have voting power which allows subscribers to vote on future updates and outfits (Starting in July). If you have suggestions for rewards we would love to hear them!

We understand that not everyone can afford $3 a month. That's why we're making a version for and Steam which will allow you to purchase the game once ($13) and still receive regular updates. 

We will be adding more customizable options for both male and female characters to give people those kinds of options

First, we will add the original worlds. Once those are implemented, we plan to ask supporters which worlds they want. We don't have specific worlds in mind, but we're open to anything.

We are working on improving controls. We plan to have on-screen (without opening the phone) for easier controls in the future. We also plan to add buttons on the left side of the screen to navigate the map.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, we are working on a tutorial to make it a bit easier for people. So sorry

It's not planned but if the fans want it we shall make it.

Yes, eventually we'll add one.

That will be added later.

Me too! Honestly, our goal is to finish the game within two years. This will depend a lot on the support we receive for the game, but I don't want this to be a money grab. I hate it when creators "milk" the project. It's not fair to the people that support it and it's just plain scummy. Our goal is to get this game finished as soon as possible. We want to be able to work on other games and build a proper studio and "milking" our supporters and prolonging the game directly conflicts with that

Not yet, but we have two new positions in the next update.

It will have a cheat menu for patrons, subscribers, and people who bought the game here or on steam

We won't have a browser version due to compatibility issues. We will have a free demo version for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android available for download here on itch.

Currently, we don't have plans on making revamped rnot2000 games.

Yes, We plan to port it to Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android :)