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Title says it all, map is divided into 2 islands, no embarking points in the first island and can't deploy units in sea. (I think) campaign unwinnable.

Nor can i. It happend twice on both games. This didn't happen on the original game thought.

So i've been playing second front for a while now and sometimes my cloud ID os deleted and if i try to use continue it sends me to the tutorial. I know i haven't provided any details but it's really all the info i could give. Thanks!

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Hey Nicu! I've been wondering if you have a rough estimate of the release date for both android games comtaining all the remaining campaigns. Thanks!

Hey! I wanted to ask if we're goin to be able to buy units from other nations anytime soon.  I know it was removed because of a bug but will such bug be fixed in the next version?

 found the cause of bug on which the AI refuses to finish the end, It's caused by a enemy aircraft attacking one of your units

Yeah...but to my knowledge this isn't possible on Marshall....You'll have to suggest that to Nicu

To my knowledge "Selling" units os not a thing. This could be a Nice suggestion though

Winter War campaing?(Finnish side) would be pretty cool since we already got finnish troops on the game but they're available on one scenario

You probably upgraded a non core unit! If you didn't then i can't help you,sorry

Hey Nicu! I believe i found a bug in the novgorod scenario (US world campaing) that stops the enemy from finishing it's turn! Has this bug or anything like that ever been reported?

Hey! This bug was already reported and will be fixed in the new version! The bug is caused by buying/upgrading units from other contries! Hope i helped you!

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af7506152b578c83e9d82aed760e4adf (Cloud link) This also happend in El Guettar (Big Red One campaing)

Garigliano River on the UK campaing. Some units stopped working and became useless,I still won and the game refused to continue. What do?

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Hi. I think i found a bug. Everytime i stop playing for the day and come back the next day, The date bugs and it says 'NaN', which proceeds to give me access to the units which were locked by the year system. I would post a picture but i'm new to Sorry.

Hi. Could you add Brazilian troops in the scenario of Monte Cassino? If yes, Thanks!