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Very cool concept, I was stuck a bit but i eventually got it. Totally didnt cheat. The scariest part imo about this game is the sound when you scan the whole place...good work on the sounding tho. keep up the good work! 

cute. totally (evil) cute. 10/10

i dont get paid enough for this...

i think this is my first time playing this type of game. of course i never played andy's apple farm so idk how that game is lol. but great game. keep up the good work! 

HAH. the jumpscare in the end didnt get me. IN YOUR FACE. anyway good game lmao.

I am surprised that this game turned out to be better than i expected. Reminds me of silent hill lol. I rarely see any games like this nowadays tbh. Looking forward for the full release! 

I got a bit too "religious" into playing this game lmao. (Im a muslim so that explains it) But it was a simple and a great game. Keep up the good work! 

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sure, didnt expect that at all.

i've never played nor seen a game like this tbh. like any typical vhs tape horror videos, but in a game. as always, scary...

of course. a hotel where there are no snake. what could go wrong? 

I rarely play this type of game because most of them are very long and i hate playing games longer than an hour. Thats what i thought at first about this game, but it really didnt took me that long lmao. Really love the game. Was kinda difficult at first but i eventually turned down the difficulty lol. keep up the good work! 

another cool psx game. i played this during a livestream a few days ago. There's isnt a lot to say about this game because its short and not a lot of stuff you can do besides just walking back and forth. Keep up the good work! 

very nice game, very simple but its alright. not the scariest game i've ever played, but there are some that spooked me i'll give you that lmao. keep up the good work! 

very cool game, my pc managed to run this game at 30-50 fps. you need to add some graphical settings for some people that cant run their pc that well tbh. that would be very helpful. i've seen a few games that doesnt have those. keep up the good work mate!

love the game, really enjoyed playing it. kept screaming about the movement being too slow but i get it. usually you wanna fit in the horror experience by walking slow, but not too slow. keep up the good work! 

A bit late to the party. First time playing a slender game. No kidding. Game was very fun to play, but had bunch of bugs. As of recording this, it was around a week ago. Keep up the good work! 

you see, this is the game i wanted. have jumpscares. well not when you put the same jumpscares a few times over n over again. i wish more games are like this. keep up the good work mate. 

honestly, i expected this game way too much because of the environment. i expected to have like lots of jumpscares lmao. really well made game, keep up the good work! 

very cool game, reminds me of puppet cumbo. had problems with the control a bit while playing. i somehow got the secret ending first lmao. unfortunately i didnt get the other 2 endings because i had to go play other games and my time were running short at the time. keep up the good work

really cool game. this was recorded like last week, but i couldnt get the video out by then cuz i was sick. managed to upload it today. keep up the good work! 

I realized this game was inspired from the backrooms after i played it lmao. Really loved it. Keep up the good work!

This is a really cool game. It took me a while to figure things out, especially the inventory system. The inventory sort of reminds me of RE for some reason. Also i hate puppets. Anyway, keep up the good work! 

great short game, probably one of the weirdest PSX game i've ever played lmao. keep up the good work! 

a bit late but meh. very nice game, wish it was longer. keep up the good work! 

very cool game, got some laughs while playing it too lmao. keep up the good work! 

bro this took me 4 attempts to beat the game. funny, full of memes. 10/10. keep up the good work 

loved the game so much, especially as a fnaf fan myself. wish this game is longer though, its very fun. Keep up the good work! 

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Managed to run the game with 20-30 fps lmao. Great game, wish it was longer tbh. Also i realized that there was supposed to be a shadow behind the shower curtain but it didnt show up for me, maybe because it has something to do with graphics since my game was running at lowest Keep up the good work! 

love this game so much. reminds me of simulacra lmao. i expected way too much in this game therefore i was so scared and got out of my chair lol. keep up the good work! 

not really scary, but cool game. at first idk i was supposed to control the car tbh lol. keep up the good work

This is the coolest game i've played yet. I think this is the first time i've played a second-person game. Kinda unique in my opinion. Keep up the good work! 

not a bad game. wish its a bit longer lmao. keep up the good work! 

NICE. this is probably the best game i've played out of the other ones. Keep up the good work! 

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this is a really interesting game. im glad that my pc can run this game lmao. also that menu screen jumpscare didnt get me lol.

really love this game. lots of psx games are well made ngl, including this one, nicely done. keep up the good work! (2nd game) 

this game is great, i had some frame rate issues when i look at a certain places. keep up the good work! (3rd game)

i was about to back out the game when i had frame rate issues, but yknow what just go for it, playing this with 20-30 fps lmao. i didnt finish this btw, there was a pentagram and due to religion reasons, i had to stop it. had good scares though. good game.

Very cool game, i like how you made the main menu like its a high budget game or something in my opinion. Its very simple, but very nice. Keep up the good work! 

Very cool game, i only had problems with the brightness, which is kinda my fault since i put it at the lowest to avoid hurting my eyes and now my monitor's control panel is broken so i cant adjust it...Anyway, this is the first game i got a "sort of" hard jumpscare in a very long time. Keep up the good work!