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not really scary, but cool game. at first idk i was supposed to control the car tbh lol. keep up the good work

This is the coolest game i've played yet. I think this is the first time i've played a second-person game. Kinda unique in my opinion. Keep up the good work! 

not a bad game. wish its a bit longer lmao. keep up the good work! 

NICE. this is probably the best game i've played out of the other ones. Keep up the good work! 

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this is a really interesting game. im glad that my pc can run this game lmao. also that menu screen jumpscare didnt get me lol.

really love this game. lots of psx games are well made ngl, including this one, nicely done. keep up the good work! (2nd game) 

this game is great, i had some frame rate issues when i look at a certain places. keep up the good work! (3rd game)

i was about to back out the game when i had frame rate issues, but yknow what just go for it, playing this with 20-30 fps lmao. i didnt finish this btw, there was a pentagram and due to religion reasons, i had to stop it. had good scares though. good game.

Very cool game, i like how you made the main menu like its a high budget game or something in my opinion. Its very simple, but very nice. Keep up the good work! 

Very cool game, i only had problems with the brightness, which is kinda my fault since i put it at the lowest to avoid hurting my eyes and now my monitor's control panel is broken so i cant adjust it...Anyway, this is the first game i got a "sort of" hard jumpscare in a very long time. Keep up the good work! 

Its a pretty cool game. Unfortunately i only got one ending because i didnt have enough time to get the other 2. Keep up the good work! 

No problem, and thanks also!

very cool game, i loved this. the end got me lmao 

not a bad game imma be honest, but would be better to have at least a jumpscare or something to give us more scared or something...keep up the good work!

this is good gaem, not bad. but the audio is kinda messed up, like its inconsistent. beside the audio everything is great. keep up the good work 

Right out the bat, i knew this game is gonna have a 4th wall break. Not a lot of scares, but good game though. Keep up the good work! 

very cool and interesting game. I'll be honest, PSX games are really well made despite its graphics. Keep up the good work! 

this was already cool and scary right at the start, but unfortunately i didnt play the full game. I saw there was a pentagram, i immediately quit the game. As i am a muslim, it is a part of my concern. Yeah sure i didnt get to play the game fully, but im sure this game is great. Hope you understand. Anyway, keep up the good work! 

This game is very cool. I loved games that are like this! Reminds me of Scrutinized... Anyway, keep up the good work! 

i really loved this game, in fact i love most of the psx games that i've played. keep up the good work! 

not a bad game, keep up the good work! 

really loved the game, keep up the good work! 

This is definitely a horror game.

Very short and very nice game. Keep it up! 

Really liked the game. For a PSX game, this is high quality! I got a bit too serious with the ending that made me gave a bloody advice lmao. Anyway keep up the good work!

this game is very cool. i like the fact that you can pick up items in this game. i think there's one monster that is just camping at that one spot, either you intended programmed it to do that or it might be a bug. you should get that one checked. anyway keep up the good work! 

really not a bad game. reminds me of PT. keep up the good work! 

Good quality game, reminds me of when i was a kid that i need to switch off all the lights before going to bed. Keep up the good work! 

I really liked this game, this is the first game i've played after taking a break. This game is very well made, well done. Keep up the good work! 

Very interesting game, ngl. I really love these PSX games man...keep up the good work 

This game is cool, cant believe there's still people making fnaf fan games. One thing i hate is the screen shake when you're walking/running. Please reduce that... 

Love the game, very well made. its just the imposter/monster whatever is slow. unfortunately i didnt get to play the game more any further cuz i had to go. 

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Really enjoyed the game, hopefully i get to play the full when it comes out!

i liked the game very much, but would make the jumpscare more intense tho 

eh, im a bit late to this game. i supposed to play this a week ago but meh. the graphics is nice for a psx game, however, for the game itself, its kinda disappointing. the dev got to be making this on purpose... 

i really liked this game. the graphics are nice but there's nothing much to do, especially when you're in the shower. its very short too, wish there's something else could happened. with that being said, keep up the good work! 

really like the game, very simple graphics and not a lot of details. but wish its a bit longer...with that being said, keep up the good work! 

really like the game, its really cool and very simple gameplay. should give something more scarier than that :) 

unfortunately i didnt finish the game because i didnt have time to play it fully, plus there was a pentagram at the end which i as a muslim cannot play the whole game. hope you understand

very interesting game. there's nothing else i can say to this game.