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Highscore: 19297

"user"  and "fast are spelt incorrectly. 

Optical Jam #5 community · Created a new topic Community?

is there a discord for the optical jam? 

Need the soundtrack asap

You can play solo on the updated version, if you want to play that go ahead, dont vote based on it though, but I'd love your feedback for updated version.

Thanks for the review! Did you play the updated version? In the updated version the emptiness is fixed, but it does feel empty when the server  is empty, direct message me if you want to battle. 

Laser fight game mode!

Constant laser power up, first to 15 kills

Thanks for the review! You can play by yourself on the updated version here: This new version is the same as the original but has various bug fixes

Yes, If you want to play please @ me on discord @JACKTenSeven I'm in the GDU chat and ill play with you.

Also when tim reviews the game Ill host a lobby and more people will play then.

My Review


On level 2 of Mario game I went past the finish line but the game didn't count it, I think I jumped over it. 


I enjoyed the concept a lot, it made for some fun puzzles, like how to jump onto a platform then onto another surface, which would not be a puzzle in a game that you would just play. The controlling got tedious after a while, at least in the Mario game. I didn't know how to quit the game (in the game) and try the other game so I quit the game (real game). (Sooo meta). 


Enjoyed it, but it got tedious. 

Berry Farm community · Created a new topic Review

Fun. Gameplay was slow at the start. Needs more polish

The score at the end isn't cast to an int so it shows like "466.957"

Update Soon

I will be updating the game in the near future. The changes include:

Cave foremation image overlay bug fixed.

In the far future:

New larger levels

Randomized egg spawns 

Randomized finish nest spawns 

iOS input 

New eggs 

Dino AI

Other changes 



My highscore is 87800

Controls feel weird

Fun simple game. All the enemies are upside down tho. :)