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A member registered Dec 22, 2018

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Hey there, tried the demo about 50+ days ago and bought the full version soon after. I love all that is in the program thus far, though I ran into what might be 2 issues I wonder are glitches or something.

1st thing is the poke/touch option, it worked really well in the demo, but in the full version, it barely does anything. Is there any way to tweak the settings to get it at the intensity shown in the demo but for the full version?

2nd thing is whenever I try to record as gif, mp4, or the other 3rd option, it slows down the app to nearly a halt, only moving ever so slightly every 3-4 seconds. It makes recording very tedious. Is this a hardware issue or a program issue? 

Other than those 2 things, it runs pretty flawlessly, I do enjoy animating my own art with this program.