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oh damn i was getting like 7-8 fps while playing on my laptop but thought it was because my laptop is 10 year old junk so i sent it to my friend who was getting about 22 fps on his machine so i just let it slid down seems like that wasn’t the case. Anyways I’ll improve it after the game jam ends :)

sure :)


i am 16 and i would like to take part in the game jam, just cause money is involved as a prize i hope there’s no restrictions?

i am 16 years old and i was really looking forward to take part until i read the rules part stating everyone to be above 18 is there any reason for this?

The only bug i found in play testing of current scene is im Glendin's Castle 3 or end castle where water doesn't collide with lava to form agate... 

Way To The Veil community · Created a new topic Bugs

Post all your bugs in this discussion board....


Are these for commercial use?


hey there can these assets be used for commercial use , if yes do i have to pay for it? 



Did you make this for this game jam?

so either i can make a horror game or a game based on theme "machines"?

seems easy at first nice game.

consider resubmitting

hello neatgames thanks fr rating us/ we will surely check you out

glad its fixed!

thanks for the review.  Could explain what prob you are having in detail?

did u make sure that u have a 64 bit pc?

If yes , try removing game from folder and rename it as Mazescape_Data and there should be prob then. Good luck!

thanks for your rating

you need to add the game data folder too run

sorry game would not run without game data folder