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Just because I am a unity dev, I recognized a bug. I don't know if it is the character or the rocks, but the character is able to jump and throw them because of the force. I am guessing it is a mass thing, but I don't know.

what did I just play XD

Pretty boring, lol 

Amazing game, I made such a large farm that my game finally died, I have a ton of RAM and a good processor so lol RIP.

Five Stars! My girlfriend and I played this and it was incredible. This should be on featured.

Love the game, played the whole thing. As a developer I respect your effort. I don't create indie games, but still I very much enjoy them. Though a small game, it is an excellent play. I would say the only bug in your file is keypress problems when a paradox forms and you are in front of the chest. Otherwise, I encountered very few bugs.