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omg please just take away the garden mechanics, and keep the bullet hell, dodging, and weapon aspects and just keep the rougelike mechanics. make procedurally generated levels, or have hard bosses with patterns to memorize, that game would be my favorite web game ever. A 2D BLOODBORNE. Add the guns, more weapons, bosses, fast paced gameplay, with a unique bullet hell to add to the 2d gameplay. I have never seen something like this except ENTER THE GUNGEON, and i friggin love that game.

Still, awesome game though ;)

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I love this so much! I really hope that you add a lot of stuff to do, like flips, or rolls, or other movement options. I have one suggestion. I would love to see a replay of my match, but with no slow mo, and just all of the moves. But either way, I love this game so much!

chmod: missing operand after ‘777’

Try 'chmod --help' for more information.

im sorry im not at all a programmer. Can someone tell me exactly that to type and what will happen.

-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
help i keep getting this error when i copy and paste
chmod 777 ( executable file .64 file etc )
into the terminal

please help there were tutorials on how to play karlson 3d on chromebook by using linux but there was this special code that you put in: 

sudo chmod +x Karlson_linux.x86_64


Like that and idk what code to put in for this game on chromebook for linux. can somebody please help. i really want to play this game. please