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Really interesting take on the theme.

Very enjoyable to play.

Pretty good, one suggestion: It seems like it takes a small amount of time for enemies to be killed, maybe apply a tint to the enemies as they get weaker?

Also, score doesn't reset in between rounds. Not sure if that's intentional.

Couldn't get ESC to reset the room, you might want to choose a different key for browsers.

Really good though, you fit in a fair number of mechanics for such a short run. Fun level design.

Yeah, the mechanics are basically done. I just need some of the basic stuff finished sooner, like death and level progression. Planning to make it a bit more playable today.

Yeah, it's totally unfinished. Planning to patch it tonight.

Thanks! We actually just patched the null reference error that had broken a big part of the game and ramped up the memory used by our web player, so things should be a little less broken now, though.

Art was really good, especially considering the limitations of the jam.