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An incredible labor of love that I still can’t believe is pay-what-you-want. Whatever RDK winds up working on next, I am very excited to see it. 

Very exciting! Looking forward to it!

This is excellent! Would love to see Ball sometime!

Pocketoid community spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior Picross to the ends of the earth. Great work RDK!

Fantastic! Love the little world building bits and sound design once again. Great work!

Damn this was great! Really well made all around, but I especially love the sound design. Usually not a fan of how obscure the story is in a lot of horror indie games, but here it really works. Can't wait to play more of you stuff!

pierce the  q u e e n

Great thanks!

Such a good game. Never fails to make me smile haha

I really enjoyed this! Reminded me of the original Turok somewhat, which is one of my favorites, even if it's a little more straight forward! Great work!

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Getting crash a upon boot that says it could not change the resolution no matter which resolution I try. Happens in both full screen and windowed.

Thank you!

Am... Am I colorblind?? Why are pink, gold, and light blue secondary colors? I thought secondary colors were orange, green, and purple?

Really enjoyed this :) I would love to see an expanded game in this same fantasy universe!

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Really fun with a lot of potential! I always love different takes on the pinball or block breaker genres. Love the lowpoly background. Would love to see some additional level layouts or enemy types!

Ohhhhhh I see! Well it's lovely work :) Would love to play this someday

I purchased the game, but I'm only seeing access to the .pdf? Where can I download the game?

Looks and sounds great, but man that difficulty feels pretty unfair at times lol. Couldn't make it past the platform with the 2 dynamites and bear trap without taking damage.

Virtua Cop on Windows 95 was my first video game ever so this feels very special to me! 

Really wish that I could play this game since it looks rather interesting, but unfortunately the keyboard controls make the game unplayable. Please add an option for WASD or Arrow Keys for movement. Better yet, make it the standard.