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Loved the game and the music! It was very beautiful and everything worked well together!

I found one small glitch that you can see in my video but other than that it was perfect! Keep making great games and I'll be sure to play them in the future!

Loved the game and just the whole concept of the game. I thought the gameplay flowed very nicely with the music! The game hit me right in the heart. Thanks!

I'll be looking forward to your games in the future.

A very interesting game! The setting and the art style were amazing. The puzzle sliding concept was an intriguing one.

I look forward to the games you put out in the future! Keep up the good work!

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Hey Zephyo/Angela! Loved the game as always. The art was amazing and the ending made me emotional and really ponder about things (only got the bad ending, couldn't figure out the good ending).

Just some feedback:

- The game kept glitching out when I went back to do parts I've missed as well as when I had to redo some things. The dialogue would skip or overlay continuously until the game froze.

- A hint system, maybe at the end to help lead the player in the right direction

- On the resolution I played at, after the white blood cell scenes, you can see the game screen peeking through on the edges (See video for example).

Keep up the great work! Your story telling has improved a lot and I look forward to what you put out in the future!

Loved the game! The 3D movements seemed a bit slow on the acceleration and made me a bit motion sick but other than that a great intuitive concept that was really fun! Thanks for the game!

Hey Zephyo!

Loved the game! The art style was just as amazing as it was in  "He Beat Her" but it was also very different. I loved the noirish feel and the cool glitchy effects. The music was spot-on. I would have to say that the story was a bit more confusing but it was still very interesting. Keep up the great work and I'll definitely keep following all your awesome games!

Thanks for the game! It actually drove me into insanity and to become sick! But love the game!

I played this a while back but just wanted to share this here! Thanks for creating such an awesome fun game!!!!! The game even scared me a lot! XD