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This was very fun to play - such a clever mechanic! :D

Thank you very much! Yeah we seemed to have problems with parallax effect in the build but not when testing it in the editor :/

Thank you for the feedback! We seemed to have a problem with the parallax effect anytime that we played a build of the game but it was fine in the editor :(

Thank you very much :) I really enjoy trying to come up with interesting mechanics for games, just got to work on implementing them! :’)

Ahh thank you so much for making a video on my game! :D Sorry about the bugs - This was a project for a module in my degree and it was my first time using Unity, I’m gonna try and fix the bugs over Christmas break! 

It should already work for windows - There’s both a 32-bit and 64-bit version :) 

Thank you very much for the feedback! I’m thinking of moving the next prototype to Unity because I think it’ll be easier to make the collisions more accurate and hopefully it’ll be a lot easier to make some of the new features I wanna add :)