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How do you fuck the girls?

Please add android

Just cook food and you will eventually get one

Please update

Plz make a android

Futa doesnt work

Can you please make it free for android?

This game has been confirmed dead

Great game👍

Please make a android

I really like the game it impressed me

Love the game

When Android


When Android?

Are you planing on making a android?

Why do we android users have to pay while other dont? I have android bc i can't afford a iphone

Finally it's on Android

How do i "explore the cave"?

Is there going to be a apk?

How long did you sit there to get that much affection

I wish this game was free bc my pay pal wont work

When I download it says can't open file I suggest making a separate file for android

Where android?

I love the story more than the porn

I am surprised how well dome the game is even though it is done by you alone

Also what are some of the cheats last time i checked there were two cheat codes

Hey pastry is just you creating the game or do you have someone helping you?

Alright thank you 

Is there cheats?

When is the next update?

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Great game I love the combat more than the nsfw part of it

When the next update?

When is the next update?

Will you eventually make a apk?


I have a problem where it says not available in my version or something like that

Can you add a option to change the background? A few i suggest is the beach and a club

Thank you