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Nerd nobody really cares

I think it would be cool if you got all the scenes and characters unlocked you can have a orgy

I loved the game can't wait to see what comes


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I would also like a android port

When do you unlock gowgirl?

Please add one piece

How do you activate cheats on android?

Are there any cheats?


Why is this $100?

Why does it say available to everyone yet there is no Android port

Still wishing for android version

I am android and the a and d dont work

Any plans for mobile?

Casey best character

Still waiting for Android

Still waiting for a apk

Can you make a android demo?

I found a bug for some reason my game crash whenever i enter a fight and i am using android

I want to play but i use android, do you think you can make a android port in the near future

Looks good but i cant play bc i am on android

Is this game on android?

Please add a android port

Where is 0.6 android?

Please i need more

Can you fix the futa content?

Will the game ever be free?

The game got a update after a year does that mean it's back?

The file that everyone has been downloading is a ui test

I agree

The end has come

When next update the game is amazing

I want more

What characters are in the game rn?

Alright I will put any bugs I find in the comment section

Still waiting for Android port