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It controls well; I initially thought this was one of those endless runner mobile games from the title

I think the combat rng is too much; like the previous comment says, I don't feel like I'm doing anything in turns of combat. It's all RNG besides how much health I decide to go in with and when I want to bail out of it.

I like the art and the overheal mechanic where you're encouraged to explore unexplored tiles.

I liked your demo. I ran into 3 bugs from what I've noticed. My first involved the boss: I died to him, and when I back to him, this happened : 

The attacking part of the boss separated from the boss' body; I was still able to attack its body and kill it.

The second bug I encountered when taking the elevator back up; when it transitioned to the next level I was presented with just the elevator shaft, and I couldn't see my guy, but I could hear my guy moving around. I was soft-locked at that point. This happened several times until it didn't, and I could see my guy on the elevator going up to the next level like normal.

My last bug was when I returned to the beginning of the game after getting the double jump and gravity gun; I saved/healed at the first save spot and my game immediately crashed. When I went back into the game, I was at that save point like nothing was wrong.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your game!

FINALLY, a good game made with Godot.

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I played your fixed version. I like the game; it's a bit difficult, which I like. I have some suggestions/issues to list: 

  •  different primary weapons that you can unlock or find for variety; not sure if this is already in the game, I'm bad and died several times on level 2
  • it's hard to pick up items that are on a teleporter unless you're not standing on the teleporter
  • some type of indicator that you're getting money from killing monsters (I just noticed the coin animation, maybe a sound too?)
  • auto-pick up mana/health potions, I don't see a reason that you need to click a button to pick them up
  • spells should say how much mana they consume unless that's an intentional design decision
  • the map should have an icon of where you're at on it
  • have those blood particles when shooting monster go out in the direction that you shoot, would look better

I liked the demo overall, however, the movement feels off/slippery for me. I found myself falling off the platform section when turning turn to shoot at certain guys. When you stop actively moving, you slow down to a stop; if you turn during this slow down period, you will continue to move in whatever direction your turn is. I'm not sure the best way to address that, but I thought I would let you know.

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Player and enemy projectiles aren't moving for me, they stay in place where they spawn. See the image.