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Thanks for the review! I've patched all the bugs listed here, & the suggestion about being forced to move 2 spaces is a good note. I will consider it for future potential patches!

Thanks a bunch for the video & review. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Great suggestion idea!

dude, this game, omg, so life changing. & that ending? 😱😱😱 what a twist!!! amirite?

thanks for all the feedback. Yeah I really feel your criticism  about the comboing. I originally was trying to get it so for example, jumping, & slamming down to the ground in fire, are 2 different cards.

really really really solid game. Retained my attention the whole time, one of my favorite games on the platform, give us a sequel, bravo!


I just want to confirm that at v5 I have located & squashed this bug :D

I wish you would of recorded it!

Yes I am proud of you! Most I've gotten is 9.

fair enough. you got me. ill admit. lmao

I see that you figured out how to play, but I'll patch in an exit button!

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lol I will patch this in!

Sir. Nice try, but I am the ultimate Haxor. You're going to have to come harder than that.

very much congrats, welcome to the hall of fame!

peace love & respek

Yo this tool is very fresh, kudos!

no not at the moment. We are re working the terrain system

it's not that type of game

As we work on building the game out, the server will go live at random times until we can get to a stable place, then the server will run 24/7

Maybe, we'll see how light weight we can get the game in the future

Thanks for trying out the Ghalad Alpha, there is so much to do, & we can't wait to show you this game in about a year or 2's time!

no not at this very second, but uhhh, follow this game & I will post a dev log for when the server goes up. The next build should be going live in the next few days!

Heyo! Yes, the server is down at the moment. We are still in super alpha, the server in these days will only be up sporadically, but the dream is to get a stable server up within the next few months! Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for the feedback Thisas. Yeah its my dream to make a serious project like this, I am a huge fan of both fighting & tactics games. But in truth I don't know how realistic it is for me to make anything more that this for the idea, only because i'd be a perfectionist & would spend 5 years on such an idea making sure every detail was spot on.

I will try & add it! I think that'd be fun!

this is a great mechanic! My only input would be to get the throwing indicator on more than 1 layer, other than that this is really cool!

Very crude game, but really good game design! When new players like myself can sit through the entire thing without a tutorial you know your design skills are on point. Kudos mate.

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yeah, aha. about that. Because I wrote this game so quickly, the engine code is pretty sloppy, & there is some probability that the replays will desync. The solution was to store more data for the replays, but I had to move onto the next project. I apologize about that xD

I just played John Wick hex & it reminded me of this game. Great job in capturing the essence of John Wick mate. 


Yo thanks Jarellh94. Yeah I dream about making a game like this but taking it serious just for the replays alone.

I didn't spend too much time optimizing the playback speed, but I thought it ended up at a good place, can you tell me how you experienced ultrabouters? On mobile?

please leave some feedback eh? :D