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Home Alone

Art Created by Jaboblu

Very scary game, and of course I do the opposite and open the door... Great game looking forward to more.

Thanks, I'll be sure to play the full version! Thanks again.

Buried Darkness

Created by Jaboblu
Very creepy game, It had me going until it ended. Can't wait to play the full version.
The Interview
Created by Jaboblu

Amazing job interview simulator, This is how interviews in Michigan feel some time for me.

Out Of The Light

Created by Jaboblu

Attack of the bag heads! But  amazing game, I didn't know it was for a game jam.


Created by Jaboblu

Amazing game, I love the art. This game was generally scary, especially when I ran into the first creature.

The Mold Exorcist

Created by Jaboblu

When there something slimy rolling in your hood, who you gonna call: JABOBLU!

Thanks for checking the art out. :>

Midnight Scenes Ep.2

Created by Jaboblu

Amazing puzzle game, I really love the first game as well. Can't wait for more episodes!

Death Trips

Created by Jaboblu

Absolutely genius! This is why I play horror games.

Thank you. I appreciate the game. Love that red and black style. I would love to play more of your games in the future.

Veinless Property

Thumbnail Created by Jaboblu

The unique art style with gameplay that's short and sweet. Truly a very scary & disturbing ending.

Blood Bath Bay

Art Created by Jaboblu

Amazingly horrifying! Fish designs are just mad creepy!

Locked In

Created by Jaboblu

Awesome puzzle game, it really caught me by surprise to see whatever that was peeping around the corner. The horizontal rotation of the items is a bit broken or buggy. But other than that amazing game.

--- Check out the thumbnail I drew for the game. I think it's fitting.


Created by Jaboblu

Didn't think I see Jason! An amazing twist at the end.


Created by Jaboblu

Creepy jumpscare at the end, that sure did scare the living out of me. Awesome game!

Ghost Study

Created by Jaboblu

Very awesome use of sound in this game. I don't know how but my voice got all wobbly as I was recording and my headphone was shaking.


Created by Jaboblu

Absolutely Pink! A very dark theme for a bright colorful game and I enjoyed it. Very disturbing.

Dating Siren Head

Created by Jaboblu

Date Siren Head or die! Awesome game, very unexpected.

No prob, my account is Jaboblu. I appreciate it a lot. Keep up the good work on games.

Forgive Me

Created by Jaboblu

Awesome short game, I didn't know what to say about the ending. Drew this thumbnail for the game.


Created by Jaboblu
Drew this thumbnail for the AMAZING GAME! Hope you like it.

The Meat Shift

Created by Jaboblu

This is one of the most unsettling games I had played for some time now, I think this thumbnail does it justice. Great job on making me not want to work in that industry.

Tonsil Terror

Created by Jaboblu

A very unique perspective to the horror game genre and I love it. Drew the screaming thumbnail for it.

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Slay Bells
Created by Jaboblu

Amazing game, It's been a while since Santa and I danced like that!

Drew this thumbnail for evil Santa!

Im glad I did it justice, I really love the concept of this game and I would love to see more of it. Thanks for taking a look at my art, it makes my day to know that someone likes my art. Keep up the good work and can't wait for more of Ginkgo.


Created by Jaboblu

The best way to describe this game is it is a work of art. Sound design, assets, story, unique mechanics and colors really brought out this game for me nice work.

No prob, keep making those scary games! ;)

Don't Run

Created by Jaboblu

I was at the edge of seat the whole game. Those creature are so terrifying and unpredictable I was freaking out! Awesome game, I got out in 20 minutes I may find it a bit hard to beat my record. Good job!

Loving Flesh

Created by Jaboblu

I was wholeheartedly surprised when this game became a dating sim! Just awesome, amazing I really like the twist in the game. Please let me know if your making anymore projects I would love to play them.

The Apartment

Created by Jaboblu

Cant wait to more to come out, I had fun with this game!


Created by Jaboblu

This game has just amazing atmosphere and sound design. I had me even looking behind my back while I played. Great Job!

Skin Crawler

Created by Jaboblu

This is a unique game I had fun, especially when I figured out how fight back. Made this thumbnail for my channel.

The Mannequin

Created by Jaboblu

Very scary game, I really don't like those mannequins nor will I ever but still love the game. Drew this thumbnail for my channel.

Thanks for replying, I make one of these everyday on my YouTube channel playing horror games! Thanks again!


Created by Jaboblu

Awesome creepy game. Hope you like the custom thumbnail for the game on my channel.