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Take your time, im checking in now and then :)

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I love what you did with the horizon. Being able to see the sky gives the game so much life. The horizon thing really works. It makes me hope that i will suddenly see the silhouette of a tower in the distance, or the lovely shapes of dark and abandoned ruins, so i keep exploring.

Right now backwards feels like downwards. I would love to have control over the "camera" and "turn the horizon around" to look backwards.  (controlled by a different set of keys, so that i doesn't turn the whole night sky around in a split second as soon as you press the down key ).It would give a feeling of a much bigger world.

 If maybe there could be a compass for a sense of direction? (at the bottom of the screen, so it doesn't get in the way of the beautiful sky)

i think that would be cool additions, if its at all possible. 

I love the atmosphere