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Jabberwalkie Doodlebug

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Based on a true story

Beautiful and Very Relaxing. I only wish there was more to explore. Thank you for sharing your creative wonderful world

This works very good with the Oculus Quest 2 connected to my computer and I managed to use the controllers as well to move around. I really enjoyed the scenery and the sounds added were wonderful. I really like the way this was put together. I just wish there was more to this. Thank you for this experience.

Is this VR?

Very Interesting game, Took me a few minutes to understand the controls but they work great. Be sure to bring some water because you will find yourself in the Desert. I did not live too long so I will have to go back and try again, Be careful out there my friends. 

Is this made for viewing in VR?  I could not figure out how too if it was

You are so correct,  This is like stepping into Hogwarts, I think you casted a spell on me, I love it. 🧙‍♂️✨

Thank you, I feel kind of stupid, 🥴 Your game is full of surprises, Thank you 🤪😎🤓

Xbox is fine, Just caught me by surprise, Thank you 😁👋

Tried to enter door at Big gun, said a script was missing to enter

Still broken link 😢

Thank you for this creation, It sure would be nice to see it created for more types of Headsets other than Oculus. I own a Oculus and a HTC Vive so I will not miss out but it sure would be nice to view it with a Vive. 😎

Could not use Oculus controllers to play, had to use Xbox controller. Is it suppose to be that way?