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Cool! Just got the boxed copy from today. I'm burning this to Minidisc right now, so I can have a go at it tonight. Thanks!

Same for me!

The future is here! :)

I have the physical edition. Love the game. But on level 4 of the second world the screen is all garbled. Any idea what might cause this?

This game desperately needs some comments. I did get it when it was released and it came in a beautiful box with lots of goodies. But the game itself is just as great as the packaging. It has nice graphics, fun gameplay and great music. Highly recommended! 

This looks awesome! Will there be a physical release like the previous game?

Just finished the game. It was a bit slow on the Commodore 64, but that probably made me enjoy it all the more. And I figured I had not bought the boxed version for nothing. I just wanted to thank you for the great experience!