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Wow thank you so much, I'm so glad I can now play the rest of the game ! 

And I played  and liked all your games and will continue to follow your work because all of them have great concept and I loved the art and the vibe. I wish you great success !

I love this game but somehow I can't get past the big Beedrill. I beat it but the "doors" don't disappeared. At first I thought it was the file so I erased it and downloaded it a second time. But my second run ended the same way. Then I thought it was my fault because I exploited the berries and I had 4 or 5 for Beedrill in my 2 runs (normally you have only 2 at this stage). So I began a third run, trying to avoid any bugs, even minor. But sadly it ended the same way again. I'm not afraid to do a 4th run but I really don't know what I can do to overtake these Beedril gates and enjoy the rest of the game that seems amazing. If you have an idea, i would love to hear it !