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this is so cool!! i was able to get it working as a standalone and bring the VST into ableton but i can't seem to get any actual audio out/make it recognize MIDI input inside ableton. any suggestions for what i might be missing? thanks!

edit: nvm, got it figured out! had to route the midi directly to a send track that had the vst on it. thanks for making such a cool tool :)

i love this!! been looking for something like it for years, glad to have finally found it :) came here from your wav2png converter and i'm in awe, keep up the great work!

thank you for the feedback! the physics system definitely needs a bit more tuning, we're planning on improving that and adding new levels soon. hopefully you can play it again then!

yes! it can be a little tricky, but you can send them all through the pipe on the right into the background where they will be dumped

thank you!! and thanks for playing :)