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A member registered Apr 26, 2016

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Did you enjoy it overall?

Yes. Very much! It was so sweet and really enjoyable to play! I love playing fluff otome games!

What was your favorite part?

I have so many favourite parts in this game.

  • Ginger's awkward attempts to flirt and failing miserably (lol)
  • Carver's blushing face
  • Always barely seeing carver's sprite XD
  • Benjamin's crying face (I'm sorry but his face is too adorable even though he is crying)
  • Benjamin calling Ginger as Ginger-ewe ( so cute)
  • Radley. Just always being there for Ginger.
  • Ginger apologizing and acknowledging for her mistake. Carver also apologizing for his mistakes. Benjamin not dwelling on past mistakes but focuses on the present and future instead. Radley being Radley. He's so nice and full of love for Ginger. Ugh my heart.

What parts could be improved upon?

  • Nothing. The game was perfect for me. Good pacing of the story and very likable characters.

Who was your favorite character?

Can I say all? Because I love all these characters.

Carver's route is hilarious. I love the dynamic between him and ginger and it was so cute seeing his blushing face. Radley, omg..I feel so bad for him when I was playing the other routes. You could see that Ginger is really precious to him and would do anything to make her happy. Benjamin, this guy is too precious.My heart melted when he cried.Ginger, I love her! She's goal-oriented, awkward in flirting, confident in her skills, and even though she can sometimes be mean…I love that she acknowledges her mistakes and apologizes right away.

Still if I have really have to choose…Benjamin. He's leading a tiny bit. The quiet ones, are my types XD. I love his personality and randomness. He can be quiet but when he speaks, he can be blunt and won't sugar-coat his words. Also I love the interaction between him and Radley at the end. Poor Radley though..

Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

YES! More games from you guys…PLEASE!

Any other random comments!

Beautiful art! Not just the character designs but for the overall game. So pretty! Also let me just say I love all the music in your game! Especially the character theme of Carver and Benjamin, it perfectly suits them. Thank you for putting Music box in the game! Also thank you for making this game. It's so fun to play, I'm really looking forward for more of your games!