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why can’t I download the linux version from here?

I purchased the game but never received the steam code.

Thank you so much for making this game, it’s really great that I have an alternative to Beat Saber I can play on my Oculus Go. The game plays much better than I thought it would, and it is well worth the $8 price tag. I only really have 3 minor complaints that I hope are fixed in an update. 1. From what I’ve tried, one-handed custom beat saber songs don’t work in Beat Bandit, which is a big missed opportunity since those songs should translate to the gameplay of Beat Bandit better than any others. 2. There isn’t an option to remove all arrows from a song like in Beat Saber, which makes the game much more accessible to younger players. 3. The sound effect that plays when you hit a block is not as subtle as it is in Beat Saber, and every once in a while I find it a bit too loud over the song that’s playing. Those complaints didn’t come close to ruining the game for me, and I am happy to have an alternative to Beat Saber to play when I cannot play my family’s one Oculus Quest.