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Nice—a simple high-score arcade game that suits the Playdate well.

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Very interesting—an underwater Event Horizon with aspects of Ecco the Dolphin (similar late moves, too). It would be great to develop this further. 

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This is a really great start. It's already better than Simon's Quest in many ways despite some beta roughness. I think I've been everywhere in the demo (Bela and Legosi are inaccessible and there's an empty hidden corridor in the waterway) although there are several screenshots of places I haven't seen. Hopefully this project will get finished.

Nice--it wears its Power Blade and Shatterhand influences on its sleeve. Hopefully this will get finished one day.

Nice—a chill Zelda-alike with limited combat. It's a bit reminiscent of Neutopia, especially in its music.

Thanks—itch said to tell support if something doesn’t install through the desktop app, so I did and now it seems to work fine. I guess they can just hook it up on their end.

This is a nice, chill game. Would it be possible to support downloading it through the desktop app?

No worries. The updated audio is much closer to the other ports, but I'm keeping both versions. I think the blown out sound really works for it. It's a little like the Apple IIgs version, which has somewhat crispy sound, too.

I posted a full playthrough:

This is an amazing achievement. I think the changes to the video and especially the audio work in the game's favor; they create a truly alien experience. This version is more challenging than most ports (partially because laser beams are occasionally invisible), but I also find it to be one of the most interesting.

Sounds cool—look forward to it. Small detail: I believe HyperCard was only early Mac and Apple IIgs. I don't think it was ever on the Apple II (although Infocom text adventures certainly were there and everywhere else).