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I would say bundling your source files (into a .zip, .tgz, .7z etc. file) would be appropriate. You could then host it on dropbox or something and include a link to it in your submission.

Is the GameGuru Loader permitted for this jam? Also, are the assets in the DLCs for TheGameCreators products permitted? I know they are licensed for release in a final product, but I'm not sure if this jam requires source and assets to be submitted as well which by my understanding would violate the license.

Nice! I haven't played in a while so I think I'll start up a new game.

It's awesome you are finding treatment for your injury! I absolutely love this tileset and all your other ones. Please, do not update this tileset at the expense of your health. I can't speak for everyone, but I believe most of us can be patient. One update a week...a month...every three months, whatever. Just get well my dude.

I have a Windows 7 machine I keep around and I might try wine also. I thought all the Windows binaries were the from the Java runtime, and it being Java and all, would run anywhere. No worries, and thanks for the reply!

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I'm trying to get this to run on Linux and I currently have Java 11.0.12 installed. I know this isn't a supported setup, but do you have any tips to running CharGen?

Is the alpha going to come to If not, you should provide Steam keys for those of us who supported you on Itch so we can participate in the Alpha as well.

Thank you for restoring Windows 7 support in 9.17.1b!

Awesome work! I've had a lot of fun with this game.

Both Steam and GoG get access to the alphas. Any chance of seeing that here?