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J-H Reedlake

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The feels... I've written some fiction. But I end up burying them, becuase they feel I'm writing about myself...

Poor dog :´( My eyes sure got wet few times :´)

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Rat has been pimped.


Good luck on the crowdfunding! At least I'm interested to see who Nightmare Prince is :D

Played the Keldran route and have to say, I found something relatable. Also I'm sure my imagination is enough XD

Finally got around giving the demo a chance, 1.2 it seems.

Can certainly see the potential here :)

Finally got around to finishing this. So silly and sweet :D

I sure enjoyed this. Looking forward to what you have in store for the future. Or maybe see what else you have made :)

Very late (but is it ever late to play a game?) :D

I liked the manga style panelling, would be great to play on a phone! Props for monochrome colours, feels right for me :)

There you go. Hope it helps.

Played the 2.0 demo, this time choosing bit differently and pursue Mr. Grumpy :D

Have to say, it was more enjoyable route XD

Did notice some text formatting errors (when you fail at beginning, title in the scroll doesn't display properly and if you let the murderous thief live, there's weird symbol), but didn't notice any typos this time.

Recommended to a friend who likes VNs. Maybe I'll play third time to see how Alexander is :D

Adorable and can relate to the feelings. Kind of like these short VNs.

Nice and unique. I like the artstyle.

Nice and short. Now I want to see more :D

Nice and sweet VN. Michael was so adorable :D

Liked this. Very handsome characters. Wishing everyone working on this the best!


Short, not a bad thing, not every game needs to be bazillion hours long :D

Music fit well, pixel art and colours I loved. Character portraits, super nice.

Liked it and eager to see what future has in store :)

Bum bum, hilarious. Never knew squirrels would do that :D