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j cool

A member registered Jan 04, 2021

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I had funing playing this game, the test were I get to identify what I'm looking at was hard for my small brain but I did have fun playing it

i'm back with part 3 oh my lets play of the cool game. hope u enjoy the video

why is the "W" not working?

whats up guys i'm back again, i was out for 2 mouths so i had no time to play sns but now i have time and i had fun playing sns again(if u don't know me then its ok )

I was really waiting for the full game to come out but i didn't know it was on steam so my video was a bet late, and sorry for the bad audio in this video and i haven't recorded part 3 but its in the plans so watch out for part 3

i didn't know how to run away from him so i waited, the game was fun to play, i haven't played a horror game in 2 mouths so i was happy when playing this game, Thank u Game Dev for making this Demo, hoping for the full game to come

oh, ok

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i'm back, i have been busy these day so it was hard for me to play game, i found this video in my PC but i never uploaded it so............. hope u like it and still waiting for someone to tell me how to find the key card

really loved the game, but didn't have any jump scarys(its been 1 and half mouth sense i recorded or played a game both on pc and phone)


when will the full game be available?

the game was good, i liked the graphics but i did many scares and i think there's more to this game i did go back to check but i didn't find anything

loved this game, i would have played it a little more but people came in when i was recording so in enjoy the video

i enjoyed playing this game i didn't now it was this good (the full game) i played the demo but the full game is 100 times better, oh and how do i buy another fox friend

me too and thanks for the great game

one of the best horror games i played it made sense to me and i totally forgot that this game was a demo but i really loved it

looks like its gotta be a big one, can't wait

oh, hey guys it's me again back with another video for you to watch, sorry for the bad audio in this one but i hope you will love the video, the art was made by yours truly

Really loved this game, it reminded me of Dora, and i remember i use to hate dora but my big brother and lil sister loved it


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ran in to a bug when i was recording, it was kinda fun

\was recording this video, it was kinda fun

Whats up guys i'm back with another video, but i also wanted to ask where can i find the key to unlock the big gate plz tell me cuz i do not know

its ok i just had somewhere to go so..

i video will be coming soon its a TBT i'm making time for it

thats what i'm thinking too

can't wait for the new nightmare mode to come out

i loved the art style of the game and it was good too but i didn't finish playing it

Man i love this game, but at first i was lost and didn't know what to do but after 15 to 16 mins(thank god it was cut out) i got to understand the game and the story was good

as good too


This game looks great, and it as a very good story to it, mostly i like horror that why i think its good but it brings its character's to life so i will wait for the full game to come out so i can finish what i started(This would be a great anime that i can watch if it was an anime)

love the game

i had fun playing this game, but i just don't know how to get the good ending to this

loved this game very much

me liked this game very much

you are welcome

me really love this game, the story, art, and the all life is hard thing,it is hard but i'm now happy that froggy is still alive and well, thank you for making this game

you are welcome, just doing my job as the king of anode heart

Here is the real video i made, sorry for the mix up

i knw that i just uploaded the wrong video, my mistake

Yo, its me again, and for the first time in 2 years of playing this game i ran in to a bug, and good thing i was recording so enjoy the video #TheFutureKingOfSaikoNoSutoka

Hey, the King here, sorry i took too long to upload the video but go check it out "no thubmnaill"

ck it  out

just made a short video

i loved this game and its art style too, but the game is slow for some reason if you like the thumbnail you can message me