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Have you got a heli selected on the DX6? That helped me out slightly. Still looking for that last yaw input control!

Heli selection worked slightly better, and we're getting there.

I managed to get throttle controls to work too now, so it's just Yaw controls we're looking for now.

I had a look through the settings on the DX6i but couldn't find anything there.

Anyone else had similar issues?

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No circles are moving in any direction when I use the throttle or yaw controls, only when I adjust pitch/elevator.

Would it make a difference running the program on Mac/Windows by any chance?

EDIT: Also, no additional programs are running at all.

Not able to move the channels on the controller as far as I'm aware.

It must be something in game not picking it up as it works fine on other RC sims.

Any other in game options?

I've got one of the USB dongles mentioned in the Spektrum help post, and center the sticks before starting the game etc as suggested, however only my pitch and elevator(both right stick) work, and I can't get the left stick to register at all.

I've got a simulator which I use for planes with the same DX6i and that works perfectly.

Any suggestions would be brilliant!