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Good Job! Had a lot of fun playing. And very good with the instructions.

Super fun game! A little long but I enjoyed it.

it was a super fun game! A little difficult to figure out what cookies to make and I didn't realize there was a recipe book. But I do love a good challenge.

This game was super cute and fun! Once I figured out what I was supposed to do I got it done pretty quickly. Getting the little beetle was my favorite part because the game seemed so happy and light.

The game was a little quick, and I wasn't sure how to play at first. It is very very easy to get to the perfect ending. I personally would have tried to make the game a little more complicated with more options. But overall I did enjoy the game.

It was a pretty good game.  I really like the fact that as you get further into the game you can get more powers that help you win. I also enjoy that it shows you what letters you have already used so I don't try to use them again.