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Heard a freind talk about playing this game and decited to check it out. SOOO good, I love it. The music, the art, the charm, the controls the charecters the objectives. Once I got the sprint ability I found myself sprinting and jumping around just moving. Great cheat codes with my favorate BIG HEAD. Also love the way its set up, talking to the diffrent charecters, doing each of there objectives, all at the same, in the same world. It was SOOO cool. I would TOTALY play more if more was ever to come.

Short but sweet. Love the art style of this game. A full length game in this style would be incredible. LOVED IT!!!

Really fun game. The visuals look incredible. However I have an issue with controls. I am on linux with a ps3 controler. The controler be defult has pause and menu set to the bumpers and sword is Y and arrow is X, and it wont let me rebind bow to Y. But besides that its awesome, can't wait to play the full game : )