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Haha- no worries! It's a good reminder of what kind of features to prioritize! 😄

Thanks!  Yeah, there are a few feedback things like you mentioned that I didn't get around to implementing 😅.  You're spot on, though- you win by getting the most wealth & you can and should 'game' the system to alternate between boosting stats and making money!


Uploaded Victorian Nemesis last night!

I'm not sure how Nemesis-ish it ended up being in the end, but it was certainly fun to make. I've been wanting to make something to do with catty Victorian social climbing for a while and this ended up being the perfect format!

Agreed, haha! Something to keep working on.

Aah! Sounds like a bug! u__u  Sorry about that!

Oh sweet!  I haven't heard of that game before I'm going to check it out!

Using machine learning as part of a game loop is SUPER new, so we're all still learning how to properly tutorialize and structure interactions too! We learned a lot of this one, and want to update it with some missing feedback!

It may be a known resolution bug, preventing you from scrolling the camera side to side. Otherwise, you don't actually move the character yourself! You can only reward the dragon when you see it performing an action you like!

Oh shoot!  Yeah, I'm sorry reloading doesn't work as expected! :c  I'll test that more thoroughly next jam! And yeah, lol, I made it for a game jam a few days after I finished rdr2!

If you can manage to keep the tab open, or the application running in the background, the timers should work okay!  There is a secret ending if you're patient (don't let Dutch think about any plans!), but even that should only take around an hour.  ^__^  Good luck!

Oh whack!  When you say leave the game, do you mean like changing which window is selected, closing the game, or letting your computer sleep...?  For how long are you leaving it- minutes, hours or days?

Hopefully you can work around it 😅 Since I made it in just a few days, I'm not surprised the timer/loading isn't very robust.

I'm sorry if I don't have a cut and dry answer for you! It learns the best it can from what you type, so it really depends on being consistent with whatever diction and syntax you end up using.

My guess is you probably won't get great results if you repeat words in that way (because then it has to infer left or right based only on the "space" character between the words, which probably is not the only place you use spaces).

For practice, as far as I know it won't matter -what- you practice, as long as you know the result you want to practice and it 100% succeeds at it.  But you can certainly experiment with it, this is new technology, and a new kind of gameplay!  We aren't certain of the optimal strategies either!  XD

Since it is machine learning, there is always a chance that it could learn something weird under the hood that can impact it's efficiency. It also won't learn it perfectly the first time it tries something (you may have to correct it on what pink means over several rounds.

It can identify beakers by left-most and right-most (it doesn't have vocab for it, but that is the mechanism it selects by), but maybe that helps you describe what you want it to do.

Also, hypothetically, you can have it practice commands. It only moves you ahead when the puzzle is complete, but you can give it any arbitrary command, and tell it good job for getting it right! (ex. the puzzle suggests it turn the beaker pink, but you tell it to turn yellow, then praise it when it is correct)

Beyond that, fewer characters helps improve loading times, and consistency is PARAMOUNT. Even capitalization/not looks different to it.

Good luck!

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Oh dang! I don't think I've tried cross compiling before. I am used to the ye olde days.  XD

But yeah, the machine learning stuff was written separate from Unity, I doubt it would translate simply to Mac. x___x It would be great to continue to develop this tech beyond this super short project and make it it more accessible one day.

Thanks!  Yeah, that game blew me away, this tribute was a delight to make. ^__^

Nothing planned, sorry!  I hope you can find a computer to try it on!

Sorry Matthew, we don't have a computer to compile that on! :c

Yeah!  Great aesthetic and great pacing!  Well done!


My friends and I were planning on doing a game jam this weekend and this theme happened to fit our idea PERFECTLY!  It's fate! :D