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If you can't just leave it here, you can email me at

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the demo.

Unfortunately, I'm actually putting this project on hold.  Sorry!

Explanation if you're interested:

Hopefully, you'll like the new idea I'll be doing.

It's all good! I really can only recognize a few japanese words, but your dub sounded convincing enough. It still brings the characters to life and how I envisioned them when I was writing. I really appreciate all the work you put into it. Thank you once again.

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Thank you very much for playing! I really enjoyed watching your videos. It was really cool to see it dubbed in japanese, as a lot of the writing I did like it's an anime. There were a lot of moments on your dub where I thought "That's exactly how imagined it would be."

It's an honor for my VN to be the first one you played, and I'm glad you liked it. A bit of a shame I can't understand the other things you said aside from the game's dialogue, but I got the gist of most of them from the little japanese I know from watching animes lol.

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Yeah, of course I'm aware of Kickstarter and the VN publishers out there. Besides the funding tho, I'm actually still not sure of the scope of the full game, like how many characters there would be. 
I still mostly did this to test things out and gain experience since it's my first time releasing a VN. I actually was just starting to learn renpy when I started doing this. Good thing it's an easy engine to use.

I do think there should still be more things to show on the demo, like introducing all the characters, before I present it for kickstarter or publishers. I might just work on it a bit more, even though slowly, till there's a clearer picture of what the full game is gonna be. We'll see.

Also I wouldn't blame you for thinking izumin sounds girly tho lol.

Thank you very much for doing a let's play and for your kind words. Watching your video definitely makes me feel like wanting to finish it, but I'm honestly still not sure how I'll do that.

Pretty interesting, seeing you play it actually made me feel like I'm seeing a VN I didn't do myself. Or maybe it's just been a pretty long time since I touched the project.

Also I'm actually a guy lol.

I never knew about SEEC. Their games look pretty cool.
Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it tho.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

I think you thinking Vivi is a bit too tsundere is actually good, since the plan is to have girls with different personalities. Each player would decide on their best girl in the end.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it.
To be honest, I'm still not sure how I'll be able to finish the full version. It's gonna be a lot of work and I can't imagine having the time for it if there's no funding. Having someone say they like the demo definitely gives motivation though.

Now I kinda feel like i missed something in the story lol. Maybe I wasn't paying full attention on certain moments.
Either way, I just gotta say again that I like your style. It's different from the others. 

[Spoiler Warning]
That was good. I really like your style. I played your other 2 games for comparison and to see if there's connections too. 

The setting is  interesting, but I do wish I could have been immersed more. I get that the visual style doesn't show a lot, but I wanted to see more of Irene.  (I understand the limitation of the jam too)
That also plays a hand with my only real qualm with the vn, I wasn't really invested in Irene because her character wasn't  explored enough imo. Especially compared to your previous two that were more focused on characters. I wasn't really thinking of how she would react to the situations she's put in, I was just clicking through to find out what happens next. When she lost her cool at the end, it felt pretty out of place for me. like "Oh this is happening now?".  If I knew what's her personality like and I wouldn't have expected her to act like that (not in the bad way that I did), I think it would have had more impact.

The over-arching story was still interesting enough to pull me through, and it definitely makes me want to see more though. Idk how rushed this is, but I think, regardless, it's still a good vn.

Oh I should have added that I know the art style is completely subjective. I'm not saying you actually need to change it, but just something you can consider. I understand that an art style could be something important to an artist, and they would want to portray their ideas in a certain way.
I actually don't know much VNs to really give an example like that, and honestly idk what exactly is a style I think is appropriate.  Maybe it's not necessarily changing the art style but just putting some more details to the backgrounds or even characters to make them a bit more realistic.  I do think how it looks like right now has a certain charm to it tho. What I said is really just a personal preference more than anything, I don't wanna disrupt you as an artist.

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[Spoiler Warning]
That was pretty good, but overall I think it felt pretty drawn-out. When he asks Giovanni about Azzurra, then he gets back to the spot to meet with her, I was honestly feeling like I just want it to be over.  Luckily his time with her after that saves it, but then again once it comes back to Giovanni, my interest fluctuated again. 

Tbh I wasn't drawn in from the very beginning. It only got interesting for me when the truth behind her starts being undiscovered. I think a big factor in that is the art style. I would have preferred a more serious style especially cause the story does get pretty serious, I feel like it would have made more impact if it wasn't so cartoon. (Mind that this is the first vn I read from you tho)
For almost the whole time, I wasn't really interested in the visuals, and was just looking at the text box. I think this was a factor why I felt so tired after reading, as I was just focusing on that rather that occasionally looking around. I don't think this means it necessarily needs more backgrounds/cg but the bgs were just so simple that I already processed what they are the first time I saw them.

Despite not being too interested in Giovanni's parts, I think you did a good job on circling it around at the end. Him inviting him for food like he did at the start. I felt like actually showing the dinner was unnecessary tho. It could have just ended with him being hired, then you could have shown the last part with Azzurra the next morning as an epilogue after the credits imo. Him being hired already felt like a good ending, and you could have given the players time to process that if you showed the credits right after. I think I would have cared about his last meeting with her more if I have processed him being hired already.

Thinking back to it now, I liked the story. But I could have taken it in a shorter time, and I would still have the same enjoyment.

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[Spoiler Warning]
I just finished playing it and I actually enjoyed it. Shame that it just ended abruptly tho. Would have been great if there was an ending CG to top it off, but understandable that you rushed it for the jam.

There were some grammatical errors, which you guys did point out in the vn itself. but it was nothing too bad that it ruined the experience.

The story was nothing different, I actually sensed that there was gonna be a downfall after the lovely time they were having. Just a classic example of too good to be true. I also predicted she's gonna come back, I don't think it's hard to predict that. Despite that, it still was an enjoyable read for me. You were able to make Mai a cute character, and I think that's all that really matters.

One last thing, I think you could have had close ups of her for specific moments. I think that would have added a big impact.