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The game is absolutely fire, I love it the jumpscare at the end was amazing too, really well done. I don't think I got the ending for it, I might go back and try to get it, Thank you for this amazing game! Here is my gameplay on it!

Great job on the game, I was very amazed I loved the ps1 graphics. The game was very short but amazing! Here is my game play on it!

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The game was pretty creepy, but I was very confused on what to do for some of the times. But overall I enjoyed it! Here is my game play on it.

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It was a really interesting game, I enjoyed it a lot! Got me with the jump scare at the end! Here is my game play on it!

This game was very creepy, but I loved it. Amazing job!

This game was amazing here is my game play on it, it the second game!

I loved the game, how it was just like The Visitor! :D

That jumpscare got me! xD

I loved the game overall! But there was  a little problem, there was no directions which was pretty hard to do without, but I loved the game!

I am just showing a video on his game, no need to be rude...

I got the ending, it was pretty easy and cool! :D

Great Jumpscares! xD

Cool Game, loved it!

Amazing Game! Crazy Twist also!

Great game! :D

I will try to get the ending, in the future, I just didn't know what to do or where is the classroom ;-; but overall I loved it! :D

This was going to be my final game in 3 random games, but it was broken my screen was keep spinning in circles and I could not stop it, hope you fix it in the future! :D

Great Atmosphere, and pretty spooky! :D

Amazing Game! :D

Hey, wake up games, so I need help with the problem I am having, I have been trying to install this game many times, but it is not working, I tried it in every possible way to download the game but it just doesn't seem to work, it's like I am not allowed to download this game, please help me somehow, I really wanna make a video on this game it seems very great and interesting! Thank you! :D

Your welcome I really enjoyed the game! :D

Hey, umm so I need help downloading this game, because whenever I try to do it shows a question mark and when I click install it just, doesn't download at all, so if there is another way to download it please tell me, I really wanna do this for a video!  Thank you! :D

I promised to make part 2 on this and here it is! :D

Amazing Game!

Great Game! I will continue it on my next video! :D

Hello, so I cannot for some reason download the game, whenever I try to it  shows a queastion mark and when I try to download it begins to download, but after that it completly stops, if you have any suggestions cn you please tell me, I am trying to get this game downloaded for my video, thank you :D

Great game here is my video of it! :D

Great game here is my video of it! :D

Amazing game here is my video of it! :D

Amazing game here is my video of it!

your welcome! :D

Amazing game here is my video of it! :D

Great game! enjoyed it! :D

Amazing game here is my video of it! :D

Here is my video of your amazing game! :D

Your Welcome! :D

Amazing game here is my video on it! :D

here is my video on it Amazing Game!

Amazing game here is the video of it

I love it!