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I also forgot to say that in the part of the memory where jayce meets tom for the first time there is an bug ... or so I think, since the image of jayce is not seen as a child ... it will be a mistake or is it to keep it as a secret?

I have to say that I liked this update a lot, it is not one of the best but it is decent, my favorite part was where rask praises jayce's stripes, also that even though the day felt like a copy and paste of john's he knew how to mark his Originality, although I must say that now there is more mystery in Tom's name, since here it says that his surname is nully, but on his route, in the memory of Jayce he makes a mistake and says sarabi, but then he corrects himself by saying nully. .. this now left me very intrigued (also the fact that now for some reason he likes rask ... even though he probably just respects him ... also another thing I have to say is that the end of rask leaves me intrigued, already that having two uncles is very mysterious and living in the middle of a forest is very suspicious ... at least for me) *insert sound of making crazy theories*

take all the time you need, patience is a virtue to have something of quality :3

every 25th of the month...also if the creator don't have any problem xd (but it say it though :v)

I was playing maccon's route again and I found that there is a small error, the scene where David appears still happens on this route knowing that you already sat with him and saw them (so it should not happen ... although it is also curious that It only happens in the pc version ... I'm also sorry that it's a photo, I don't know how to take a screen or to the pc without the game becoming invisible :V)

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It is really worth the wait, I loved the update, I really think that John is very funny, also the thing of train seemed very cute, although I have to say that the sprits from the front look a bit strange but it really was a good addition, also that I like that that things from other routes are applied is very good, but I really loved that that John did in the end I really liked it and I think he made it one of my favorite routes (because it is the funniest xd ... although I still have doubts about his parents :v)

Okay, okay, if it is to have more quality it will be worth waiting more (although I'm still curious about what the update will be>: 3)

I have a really big question, since the art is so beautiful and the updates are very punctual, I wonder if the art is made by you or someone else?

I have to say it ... I REALLY IMPRESSED THIS UPDATE !!! :O , I mean that maccon is no longer a student, it is a great change because I think it will give more flexibility to his own route, but I think I will miss him :,( , but something that I loved was the brother of Maccon, David seems very tender, it's like a little creature that acts as bad but I can't seem to harm a fly (despite the fact that he stole jayce's wallet :v), my favorite part was when john started chasing david while tom and maccon was chatting, that really made me laugh (also that what maccon says about tom's last name makes me think that  is true that he is not john's biological brother), for me this update left me eager to see the second day of maccon,I'm curious to see what happens ......

pt: it really doesn't matter so much I have to wait, your work is of such quality that it's worth >:v

in theory, yes, since according to the author the update that is coming is his, because he is rewriting all the routes (also the very nice one, I don't think he will delete it :3)

the Updates are every 25th of the month. 

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in the next update (so you won't have to wait that long :3)

pt: if you don't know every update go out every 25th of the month. 

unfortunately the route is blocked because the creator recreates all of them, but don't worry it will come out in the next update

(1 edit) it important to the story and was it done on purpose or was it really a mistake and are you glad that the fans post it?

(*visible confusion here*)

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the other routes that exist are rask,tom, john's and soon maccon's and it depends on what you do at the beginning, to do john's you simply have to agree to change your seat when he asks you and for tom's you have to refuse it, and for rask's it is go left when you get to campus and then come back (however this could change a bit when the maccon route appears)

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these is something I found replaying the rask route and it has me very confused, in the last update, in the memory that jayce has about how he met tom, he tells him that his full name is tom sarabi, but when john is introduced to rask on his own and rask's route, he says that his full name is john nully and as far as i understand jhon and tom are brothers ... shouldn't they have the same last name?, is it a mistake that the creator inadvertently made or is it something important and really john and tom are brothers but not related by blood? (also if I'm wrong correct me)

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OOOOH MYY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!,  the Little Jayce and Tom are so cute, I really loved that part of the update, also the protagonist's birthday theme put me on the verge of tears, and I really like the new sound effects and the character spirts, I would say that justifies that it is not the whole day ... but what leaves me more doubts is how the updates continue, the following will be the new route of maccon? and will they follow that order until it reach john's route? It is a complete mystery, but it really makes me look forward to the following, splendid work continues like this: 3

if you mean the john brother, yes :v 

i think he means what coming in the next update and for answer the question No one knows yet (i wish the next was the maccon route :V)

I really loved the new rask route, the old one was fine but this one is much better, I say it more than anything because of the "grays", and I have to admit that I laughed a lot with the scene where Jayce launches rask on the curb, the case of just imagining it was very funny xD, but I wonder what will come in the next update, the "new route" of tom or maccom ?, on day two of rask or perhaps the option where "You can save rask from the evil hands of john>: 3 "(in any case it is very good and also that I cannot believe that it was so punctual it was not even noon and the updates were already available)

other things I would like to know where I can read the dev log (to find out what's new in the different routes)

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a ok, i was asking because i think you only were translated everything for google translate xd sorry, but i wan a ask something too, why in the version 9.0 only you can make the jhon route? (because you only can go to the right so you can't meet rask or maccon so...that is a programming error o you disabled for a  change later?, i don't now very much of program but a little thing  know, my english is not very good sorry xd, and too for the many questiongs :v)

but if your original language is english why maccon sometimes talk in spanish? (because he is mexican?, for what i see where the game happen is a place where the mexican,american and japanese colture coexist,correct me if i'm bad though :v)

I really love this vs, it is super cool and funny the conversations of the characters, I find it very nice rask, it is very innocent and it is an interesting way to see a protagonist with insecurity, but I will only say that sometimes you should justify what the protagonist thinks and what it says because sometimes I get confused but the rest is fine, the whole theme of small animations like the blinking of people and the movement of things like drops of sweat or tears is the most innovative thing I've seen in a VS Keep it up I can't wait to see what else the protagonist has in store

a ok sorry i have the page transleted to spanish lol xd

realmente me encanta esta vs, es supero genial y gracioso las conversaciones de los personajes, me parece muy lindo rask, es muy inocente y es una manera interesantes de ver un protagonista con inseguridad, pero solo diré que aveces deberías justificar lo que piensa el protagonista y lo que dice porque aveces me confundo pero en el resto esta bien, todo el tema de las pequeñas animaciones como el parpadeo de los personas y el movimiento de cosas como las gotas de sudor o lagrimas es lo mas innovador que he visto en una VS, sigue asi ya no puedo esperar para ver que mas le depara al protagonista